hold up, y'all! can someone explain to me what romance is supposed to feel like, because i might have mixed it up with cuddles, and i'm confused and maybe aro? halp :blob_melt_sob:

(i never know how to hashtags, but i want someone relevant to actually see this, so: #aromantic #aro )


@alija I, umm,

I thought I was aro but also I think I may have fallen in love a bit and uh

I don't know how to describe it but it's probably more than just cuddles.

they give me like, a warm and fuzzy feeling inside whenever I think of them?

that's about all I can think of. Words are hard.

And that might not be romance I might be aro too.

But you don't need romance for a relationship! I'm also partners with another critter I don't really get the same maybe-romance fuzzy feelings for.

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