Ya know, D-Bus is kinda effectively AppleScript for Linux, the IPC layer anyway. :3

That's one of the things I was kinda missing when moving from Mac. Except it's actually been a thing all along.

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@Felthry So AppleScript is a programming language on Mac that lets you control other apps. Things like getting a list of songs from iTunes and telling it to play one, say. Apps could have a "dictionary" of commands you could call from AppleScript to control them. I don't think all that many apps support it, but it's a /really/ neat concept [though the language is atrocious!].

@Felthry D-Bus seems to be a similar thing. Programs have a D-Bus interface/API and you can use that API to do stuff. Like I can tell KDE to log out by doing "qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer org.kde.KSMServerInterface.closeSession". I'm not sure what some of that gobbledygook means though, I just went exploring through zsh's tab completion. >,,>

@IceWolf what's the difference between dbus and just, shell scripts?

@Felthry Shell scripts are like, calling commands; this isn't calling commands but telling an already running program to do something.

@Felthry Like you could have a command to tell KDE to log out, but it would have to get that message to the KDE session manager somehow. D-Bus can do that.

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