Are there any FOSS rain-noise generators out there? I've seen multiple people going "use!" or whatever that site was, but I'd rather not have to use some website and not be able to download the sounds or anything.

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This sounds like a fun project to make actually, I'd do that myself if I was able

Maybe, eventually, one day :blobfox3c:

@IceWolf i use SoX/ffmpeg's brown noise generator on PC, Chroma Doze on phone (it's on f-droid, is pretty good imo)

@IceWolf would you like this boosted?

also there's a website for creative Commons video game sounds that you could just download all the sound samples from and put them into a playlist.

@Canageek Boosting would be awesome, thanks!

And oo that sounds useful.

@IceWolf I mean it's going to rain here for the next like month so if you wanted I could just turn on my phone sound recorder and stick it on my balcony for half an hour if you wanted

@Canageek *grins*

Y'know that actually sounds quite nice!

@IceWolf it's raining today, can you remind me later on once I'm up? they'll also be less traffic sounds mixed in in a couple hours

@Canageek @IceWolf sox might be an option, if you're up for some (relatively basic) command-line stuff.

An example that produces a seaside wave effect can be found here:

@Jo @Canageek Thanks!

Yeah basic noise is pretty good and not that hard to make, but it'd be really cool if we could have actual rain sounds.

@IceWolf Rain ended before I got out of bed. I'll try and remember when it comes back. With 200 days of rain a year shouldn't take long.

@greyor Neat, thanks! there a desktop version? We don't have Android. >,,>

@IceWolf oh I'm sorry. Not that I know of. I bet some enterprising person could port it to desktop, though, but yeah.

I boosted your original toot so hopefully others have desktop suggestions!

@IceWolf i think theres one knocking about on fdroid?

@avie Neat, thanks!

Do any of them have desktop versions by any chance? We uh, don't have Android. >,,>

@IceWolf idk why i auto assumed android lol, im snoozy

@IceWolf unfortunately i dont really have anything like that

@avie Because who would be foolish enough to go with iOS when they like open source, obviously?

Well, uh, us. >,,>

[we trust Apple more than we trust Google, plus our phone is a hand-me-down.]

Soon, though. Soon we'll have a PinePhone. :3 I don't know if it can run Android apps but I hope so!

@IceWolf i mean yeah thats fair. im pretty sure mynoise has their own app but it wouldnt be foss '3';;


How about using a media player (e.g., VLC) with whatever sound you prefer?

@IceWolf Multiple Github hits.

(also "white noise")

I've d/l'd several long samples off Youtube 7 similar.

@dredmorbius @IceWolf

I followed your GitHub search URL and found a 4 MB solution.

$ youtube-dl

$ mpv --loop steady\ rain\ in\ the\ city.wav-217236.mp3

@IceWolf this would be such an excellent Project Magenta or similar style machine-learning project.

@IceWolf how cool would it be to be able to dynamically adjust the storm, coordinate & script from gentle pitter patter, to a burst, then a slow easing up. infinite intimately scriptable scenescapes, endlessly generatively produced.

do we need? no. but in the horizons i look to, this is obviously tech we should be encouraging each other's mastery of.

@jauntywunderkind420 That does sound cool! But I bet we could do it without AI. :3

For #whiteNoise, this might be a bit left-field but turning a fan to the wall can be a good method.

No computer processing, no speakers needed. :)

@IceWolf offers an option of choosing whichever sliders and animation features you want, and then requesting an audio file. It's not free, true, but MyNoise is a huge and overwhelmingly amazing project, so it would very much deserve the support.
There's also MyNoise albums, one of which I think is White Noise Rain. But those are only on places like Spotify, iTunes and the like.
And there's a MyNoise YouTube channel, so you could always just Youtube-DL the sounds you like.

@IceWolf For example:
A rain recording that also functions as a wake up timer thing
Rain outside the window
Rainy Riverbank
Storm At Sea
Rain On A Tent
And so on. Again, obviously YT isn't quite what you were looking for, but as long as Youtube-DL works, you can download these. And you can use NewPipe to play them.

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