re: bunker time: y1, d219, math 

Meeting with a well-known professor who my professor works with to talk about my thesis and seek a letter of recommendation went SO SO SO much better than I expected!

re: bunker time: y1, d221, foxnip, blaseball 

time for: fox candies, an outstanding apple pie, the absurdness of blaseball, and Borat 2: Borat Harder

re: bunker time: y1, d221, extremely weird 

"I am a transhumanist because I do not have enough hubris not to try to kill God."

What happened to those days?

I suppose what happened was that as it turned out, almost everyone who went into AI research ended up either being incredibly buyable by the threat-of-force industry or extremely exploitable by someone who was.

re: bunker time: y1, d224 

First snow of the season today.

bunker time: y1, d224, mh(~), gross 

I keep forgetting that forgetting to take my meds makes everything else much, much harder

like math, or keeping myself and my apartment clean

or remembering to take my meds

thank fuck that's over with for the moment, as evidenced by the fact that this past weekend I finally cleaned out my sink completely

including cleaning away quite a lot of mold growth :S

bunker time: y1, d228, dreams 

Trying to meet up with Borat in a universe where almost everyone around me acted like the pseudo-Kazakhstani. I ran into college friends, too, and was relieved, because everyone else was hypersexual, incredibly stupid, and generally disgusting.

bunker time: y1, d229, mh (~) 

Does anyone else ever wake up with the feeling that something isn't right for no obvious reason?

Like, the same feeling you get listening to a stringed instrument tuned slightly off, or food that's just a touch undersalted. That kind of thing.

bunker time: y1, d229, timekeeping 

I always stay up to watch the hour setback and pushforward.

bunker time: y1, d229, timekeeping 

I'm going to hold on to the bunker time calendar after this is over.

bunker time: y1, d229, uspol, plague 

No matter what happens next week, I don't think I'll ever forget that in the middle of a literal plague, the referendum on whether or not we should become an autocracy, the vote was *remotely close*.

bunker time: y1, d230, uspol, vague, (-) 

Come tomorrow night, I want Them to suffer as we have suffered, to mourn as we have mourned, to fear rightly for Their futures and Their legacies and Their ways of life as we have done for the last four years.

I want Them to hurt, and to fear. I want Them to wail, and rage, and dash Themselves to bloody flinders against the forces of the law.

I want for Them to regret deeply and sincerely having continued to fight this cold civil war, to have gleefully violated the pact of tolerance that kept our society together to some lesser or greater extent becaues they found some benefit in it.

I want for tomorrow night to be the beginning of Their end, the last act in this hundred-and-sixty year war, or else the end of all things on this pale blue dot.

bunker time: y1, d230, uspol, vague, (-) 

I have not and would not claim to be a good or kind person.

bunker time: y1, d230, uspol, vague, (-) 

But neither am I under any delusions that this cold civil war, regardless of any heating that may come, is a total one, one without quarter asked for or given.

bunker time: y1, d230, uspol, vague, (-) 

Not for nothing have I taken to calling myself an end scholar.

bunker time: y1, d230, vague, (-) 

What was it like, I wonder, to live through the Bronze Age Collapse? Delicate webs of civilization-sustaining trade wrecked by climate shift and consequent war, each societal dissolution fueling the next crash? What was it like to live through the end of all things?

bunker time: y1, d230, vague, mh (-) 

What I'm saying is that no, I'm not OK.

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