Hey, does anyone know if there's any way I can use my iPad as a graphics tablet with Linux?

I mean, I /have/ a secondary Mac that supports the new Sidecar thing, so I /can/ use that, but it'd be nice to use it with my main system if that's possible.

Boosts would be much appreciated! :boost_requested:

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@IceWolf Is the sidecar stuff documented at all, or would someone need to reverse it? *Remembers reversing the iPod sync protocol for $OldJob... brrr*

@alva Dunno, but knowing Apple? Probably not documented at /all/.

I could always fire up Wireshark, but also knowing Apple, it's probably encrypted too. Which is good!, just grr. :3

@IceWolf @alva

the only thing that comes to mind is the software called `synergy` but that's not quite what you want I think?

@deejoe @alva Oh that thing, neat!

Yeah, that's not quite what I'm looking for... unless they have an iPad version. Although it probably wouldn't transfer pen dynamics [e.g. pressure, tilt] anyway.

@IceWolf @alva

right. My biggest hope in mentioning it is that it seems ... adjacent, I guess ... to your request and might yield terms and concepts helpful in searches & discussions.

Would be really great to be able to do this.

@IceWolf The only way I can think of is over VNC/RDP, but I'd imagine the latency would be significant.

@MatejLach Probably wouldn't get pressure/tilt information, either. Hm.

@IceWolf Yeah. On Windows there's that does this and theoretically it could be ported to Linux, or something similar developed from scratch, but am not aware of anyone who's working on something like it for Linux.

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