…we need those weight values for pronouns.

Accept-Pronouns: she/her
Accept-Pronouns: they/them, she/her
Accept-Pronouns: he/him, it/it;q=0.8, they/them;q=0.5
Accept-Pronouns: they/them, */*;q=0.7

@moonbolt I really need to put this in my bio. Wish it didn't have the ridiculous space restrictions. :3

@IceWolf aww, your instance doesn't let you do more than 4 metadata fields?

@moonbolt Yyyep. ;w;

Tiny display name character limit, too. I don't think I can put an emojo after my name!

@moonbolt [Tested, yep. A regular emoji would work, as it's one character, but even a short custom emoji code is too long to fit.]

@moonbolt Although I was going to put it in the bio itself, since I don't want the "Accept-Pronouns" text cut off. :3

@IceWolf eh, creatures can tell what it's supposed to say even if it does render like that


@moonbolt *nods* I think I'm just a stickler for Proper Rendering. :P

@IceWolf yeah, the way it renders on my client bugs me a little…

…not enough to drop it, though :3

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