@frickhaditcoming @yogthos I know when I hear private property, I think personal property; this is why I was a bit wary of communism for the longest time. I thought I wouldn't be allowed to own any of my own stuff. (:

So thanks for pointing this out!

@frickhaditcoming @yogthos ...huh. So I /wouldn't/ be allowed to own stuff?

(Unless you're making a joke? I have no idea how communism works, and honestly can't tell.)

@IceWolf @yogthos oh sorry "im coming for that toothbrush also whitey" is a common meme about the subject. No one is actually going to communalize your toothbrush


@frickhaditcoming @yogthos Ohhh, okay! Thanks. Yeah, I'm completely oblivious to a lot of memes. (:

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