Years ago, furries kept their interests on the down low to avoid ridicule and harassment from society. The fandom is slowly becoming more mainstream, and with that comes media coverage and big corporations looking to cash in on an untapped market. Could all this attention actually be bad for us? And how can we keep our community safe from exploitation and censorship?

@shetani That sounds really interesting!

Do you have a non-video version anywhere, by any chance?

I haven't had anyone request one before! I'm not at my computer for the next few days, so I wasn't able to add closed captions to the video like I normally do. I can see about hosting a transcript of it elsewhere! For the time being, though, I think Youtube's automatic CCs do a passable job.

@shetani Awesome, thanks!

I just don't like video as a format, myself. Prefer reading, possibly with regular images. (:

(Animations are good too if they help explain, mind you. They're still far less..stimulating than someone talking at me. And it doesn't make things unskimmable.)

Aww, but if you're not watching the video, you can't see my pretty fursuit! :cheetah:
But yeah, accessibility is a big concern of mine and I definitely want to make sure my content can be enjoyed by everyone! I'll get on that as soon as I can.

@shetani Wonderful, thank you so much for caring! 💛

Oh, you pontificate in your suit? I might could see watching a clip of it at some point just to see it, then. (: (But I'd still read the article for the actual content.)

Ah, I definitely aim for more "informative" than "pontificating," though I think we all can get a little opinionated sometimes, particularly when it's something we're passionate about!
My whole Cheetah Chat series (of which this is the 11th installment) is me discussing various topics pertaining to the furry fandom, or my related personal interests. I find that furry Youtube videos tend to rehash the same topics, so I try to focus on things that I don't see many people talking about.

@shetani That sounds really neat!

Also whoops, I completely misremembered what "pontificate" meant. I was thinking along the lines of lecturing at length about a topic...did not mean to imply anything, sorry! >.<


@shetani Serves me right for trying to use the fancy words. :3

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