The REAL curse of the werewolf is that they can't eat chocolate.

@Griff But can they eat carob? 🤔

(I just recently learned about it by looking at a tea's ingredients list, apparently it's this other plant used as a chocolate substitute!)

@IceWolf Huh, apparently they can!

Crisis averted. n.n


Hey @faoluin, looks like there's a substitute for chocolate you can eat and, y'know, not die! 'S'called carob. :3


@IceWolf @Griff IIRC the size of dog and the actual amount of cacao in the chocolate determines how much a dog can eat without dying.

A 14 oz dog can eat about 50 g of milk chocolate before showing ill effects, so a 200+ lb werewolf could probably handle about 25 lbs of chocolate easily.


@faoluin @Griff Oh, that's good to know!

Wonder if there'd be any long-term effects to eating small (well, "small") amounts of chocolate every day. Then again, you are a werewolf, so you probably have super healing powers anyway, preventing toxins from building up. :3

@IceWolf The toxic effects are stimulant (rapid, irregular heartbeat, etc.) so eating a substantial amount of chocolate every day might be analogous to a human drinking large amounts of coffee every day.

@faoluin @Griff
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