I've got an article about getting started on Mastodon as a user that I'm publishing today, but forgot something that I should cover: how do you find people after joining an instance?

Anyone got good tips that they'd like to be quoted on?


@david I just look at the local timeline and follow people who look interesting. I never use the federated timeline at all, personally. Then the local people I'm following boosted some really great people, so I followed them too.

@david I've never used Twitter in my life, so I'd have had no use for anything Twitter-related. (:

@IceWolf Can I add this as a quote in the post, linking to you?

@IceWolf Thanks! Let me know if you want me to change your attribution. It's at the end of "How to Find People to Follow?" section.


@IceWolf Thank you for providing feedback! I love seeing you on Mastodon. This is my favorite social place by far 💝

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