Hello everyone! I've been lurking here for a couple of days, occasionally replying to things, and I should probably officially introduce myself.

I'm pretty new to the whole furry thing. I know basically nothing about how any of this stuff works. But I'd like to learn. :)

I'm also interested in (mostly , ) and 3D design with .

(I'm new to Mastodon as well. It still feels weird tagging things inline like that.)


So, I've heard mention of characters -- is being a furry kind of like roleplaying?

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It depends on the person.

I personally think my characters represent a form of myself on another Spiritual Plane of Existence.

Like my main ones are a male Lion and a female Spotted Hyena and those represent the masculine and feminine parts of my Spirit. There are others too, like the Otter one represents my playful side.


I guess one way to think about it is if I were to be shined through a prism instead of separating into different colors, I would separate into my various Animal Forms each representing a different part of the whole.

Again this is just me, others will have a different take.

@IceWolf It's different things to different people. Some don't have a fursona. Some have too many. Some make their fursonas protagonists of stories and fictional universes. Some roleplay. What brings you to the fandom?

@IceWolf It's kind of a hybrid between an abstract sense of representing myself more clearly and being able to play fun made up scenarios for me (so it is roleplay in that sense, but that's something I'd do with or without the being a furry). It's not so much about playing a character for me as it is being able to convey certain aspects of myself more clearly ๐Ÿ™‚

@IceWolf As mentioned by others, the exact nature varies. Pretty much every furry has a "character." An avatar they use in furry spaces. This can be relatively straight forward (a picture of wolf/tiger/fox) or it can be a more complicated piece of artwork (see my icon).

@IceWolf Of note, it should also be mentioned that some furs are anthro (standing upright), some are feral (meaning four legged) and some are a mix.

How you use your avatar/character is entirely up to you. It can just be you, it can represent a particular part of yourself, it can be a personality that is totally different from you, and pretty much anything and everything in between.

@IceWolf The definition of furry is (generally) people who have an affinity for anthropomorphic (or just anthromorphic) animals. This means situations where human qualities and characteristics are given to animals.

Those quality/characteristics can range from animals with human thoughts (think Homeward Bound and The Lion King) to an animal wearing clothes and going to a job (think Robin Hood and Zootopia).

@IceWolf How you choose to display your avatar/character can change from one moment to the next. For the most part, there really are no rules.

@IceWolf this is a month-old question, but what the heck, here's my two cents.

For me (and some ppl I've met), it's sort of... roleplaying yourself. An idealised or wish-fulfillment version of you, or someone you can't quite be in real life. Some furries would want to become their furry avatar in real life. Some regard their furry self as just as, or more, "real" than their human self (either literally or psychologically). Used to be the case for me, now less so, but it's not NOT there.

@IceWolf and take it with a grain of salt, because it's based on my relatively limited interactions with the furry fandom, but the way I experienced it:

Furries are v. chill about accepting who you say you are. You want to roleplay as a wolf? It's cool. You feel out of place as a human, and would gladly switch out to being an anthro cat? Everyone gets it, even those who don't share the need. You feel a spiritual affinity with animals? No-one calls you a freak.

Again - limited, personal exp.

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