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I stalk in the darkness, lying in wait for the next unlucky traveler to pass by...

..then I pounce and give them lots of hugs and affection! :ms_wolf:πŸ’›

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RT @azure:

I believe a totally appropriate response to being called 'feral' is to bat someone over with a forepaw, pin them beneath it, lean over and grrrowl, "THAT would imply that I or my ancestors had at some point been domesticated."


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So, I was looking into to configure my fancy Logitech mouse in .

Only I don't want to change the mouse's onboard settings, I want that like it is. I don't need the application detection LGS can do, I just want transient software remapping (but only for the mouse, I don't want the mappings applying to my keyboard too), the way LGS does.

Well, it turns out libratbag doesn't do that! Anyone know of an alternative? Per-keyboard remapping, maybe?


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Warframe, important: how to avoid a VERY big spoiler. This means a vague mention of the spoiler itself. But seriously, you do *not* want this ruined, and people *will* do it completely by accident. 

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If I seem like I'm always happy, it's probably just because I'm only posting the good stuff going on in my life. Please, don't let that make you depressed because "everyone else is so happy, why is my life so terrible?"

(I would never have thought of this if I hadn't read a book a while back about how social media depresses people because of the constant positivity.)

Reading the MDN web page on the HTML <center> tag be like: so, they removed this obvious way to achieve something all web designers need all the time and replaced it with a long-winded, confusing alternative because hurr durr semantics? How... computer science-y.

Gah, I hate it when I Ctrl-click on a link and it doesn't open in a new tab. But then I right-click on it and say "open in new tab", and it does.

I have no idea why that happens, but it seems to be far too common to be intentional on the part of the website.

( , perhaps?)

I keep interpreting 'AF' as a marker that something is a corporation, like AG.

So every time I see 'Lewd AF' or 'Gay AF' or whatever, I imagine a giant skyscraper full of people all working to research, develop, and produce newer and more efficient Gay.

Is a good place to live? I see they're running glitch-soc (well, a fork of glitch-soc actually), and it sounds like it has some really nice features. So I'm thinking of opening an account there, and maybe migrating.

(But I'm a bit torn, because meow is *so* nice!)

Hey artists, when you draw a crescent moon, please don't draw stars inside the crescent. You can't see stars there because you'd have to see through the moon.

I guess it's okay if it's for artistic reasons, but it always makes the astronomer part of my brain go "DAMNIT"

so like if i started making some crazy shit like stained wood/glass(acrylic) con badges or fuckin fursona music boxes or custom models and prints would that be a thing anyone's interested in??

it wouldn't be hideously expensive and it'd help me use and cover a piece of prototyping equipment that'll actually really help me out with work

Are photographs with incidental animal genitalia (not the focus of the picture) generally considered NSFW? Not sure what I should CW, and also wondering if it'd be weird (to mainstream people) to have a picture that happens to have bits showing as my desktop background. :3

uspol crankiness 

I can't believe I haven't asked this yet, but I completely forgot it existed. :3

Is there an open-source substitute for Apple's ? It's basically a node-graph-based animation/screen saver/visualization system (focused on original images rather than manipulation of existing footage), and it's absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, I don't think it's being actively developed anymore. ): And it's OSΒ X-specific anyway.

I've seen , but that seems to be focused mainly on audio?

And yes, I had literally /never heard/ of furries before I decided to try out Mastodon. I don't get around much on the internet. :3

How I became a furry:

Last year I found a news article about this thing called "Mastodon". It's like Twitter, except open source and it doesn't suck? Huh, never used any social media, but this sounds neat., there are instances for different things? Not many of these sound like my thing, except maybe... what are "furries"?

*clicks on*

...huh. This...sounds intriguing!

*signs up*

You know what, this is really cool. Guess I'll stick around!


[hm... ]

I keep thinking about Orthogonal and wanting to read it again.

Goodness gracious Greg Egan blows the idea that hard-as-diamond science fiction can't build strong characters and inspire powerful emotions to kingdom come.

Bot generated, open at own risk 

So, I'm thinking about completely rewriting my Elite Dangerous soundtrack app in something other than Electron. It has to work on Linux (which will probably allow it to work on Windows through WSL), but it does /not/ have to have a GUI.

Currently trying to use Swift (which is compatible with C APIs, except for complex macros).

Not sure how to play audio, though. I'm considering controlling VLC through HTTP; how terrible of an idea is that? (Methinks it would also get me media keys for free.)

Aw, seriously? I can't even mass-DM everybody my private posts, because @-mentions take up space. ):

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