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"There's something out there in the forest, I can feel it. Something huge, with big sharp teeth..."

That would be me.

*smiles, revealing enormous gleaming fangs*

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I am the terrifying beast in your nightmares.

Fending off the equally terrifying beasts who would do you harm.

*snarls, eyes burning bright gold in a face of black fur*

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If you use the wrong pronouns to refer to me by accident, I won't bite you or anything. I forget other people's all the time (and tend to fall back to "they").

Unless you're doing it deliberately. To me or other people. Then I'll bite you. My fangs are sharp! *bares teeth*

Random #RGB #color question for digital #artists and #webdesign mavens: for codes outside the #websafe #palette, are there distinct divisions? For example, how does one tell that DF0E2A and EC1314 are not red? Is there a #URL for a listing of #colour names for RGB codes like DF0E2A and EC1314?


Are there any keyboards where it's possible to add new color-cycle patterns to the firmware? That'd be a /lot/ more efficient than updating it on the computer side, I'd bet...

Then again, doing it on the computer side probably isn't /too/ bad.

people have really started not cw-ing lewd stuff because they think a shitpost is above everything and I don't like it

shitposts aren't important, cw it

It feels /exceedingly/ weird how a name I picked in a rush when asked "so what name would you like?" has become, like... my /name/ here. The only name y'all know me as.

Hey you know what we should make a thing for 2020? Giving each other heartfelt blessings.

"Dream of wonders" has been a pretty common bedtime one in my circles.

A fox I know will sometimes wish me hunter's luck in my pursuits.

I just told a partner "walk in lightness and song."

Feels real good to be on either end of that kind of thing.

(missing CW) abhorrent information security, Zoom, Terran horribleness, capitalism probably 

Don't trust Zoom. Don't use Zoom, if you can avoid it. Don't. Just don't.

one of these days i'm oing to try to come up with some color patterns that are more appealing than "cycle through RGB at max brightness" because everyone designing glowy things should hire a graphic designer stat and if they won't then i'll do it myself

Here is a 1-hour video where I walk you through how to use HyperCard and HyperTalk to make interactive stuff! (I don't discuss how to get an emulator set up, sorry) #hyperjam

be proud of your eternally unfinished videogames even if you never decide to release them.

I am seeing lots of art pieces on the instance not having image description.

If this is not a pure impossibility to you, please do describe your images, there is a function in mastodon especially for that.

It can be extremely helpful for blind people, neuroatypical people, and so on.

It's ok to sometimes forget but please do.
The fonction has been implemented for a reason.

Boost this up!

'twas brillig and the slithey toves
did gyre and gimble in the wabe
all mimsy were the borogroves
quoth the raven "dammit I'm in the wrong poem"

Wargle bargle hargle fargle *wagwagwagwagwag*

Doomguy: Demons Die Seventeen Thousand Times

Interesting piece on Bookshop, which is aiming to bring together independent US book stores into a platform that can compete with BezosCo:

This froggo wanted to be my friend. He wouldn’t jump off onto A tree branch and instead insisted on crawling around on me for a while

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