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feralmisia meta, fang-baring 

If you try to tell me I shouldn't be sexual in a body I'm comfortable with, just because it's not a human one, I WILL bite and report you.

*bares teeth*

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// Physical Interaction Rules! // 

– You are welcome to hug, pet, or otherwise give me affection or support, without having to ask first!

– If we know each other pretty well¹ and you're 18+, feel free to ask for [non-penetrative] lewd stuff²! This doesn't have to be An RP™, quick poses are more than welcome as well. /Feel free/ to just ask "hey can I X?"!

¹ If you follow me -or- I follow you, you're probably good to go.
² This includes kink!

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[psst... hey.]
[Yeah, I'm talking to you.]

[Do... you want to be an animal? Like, deep down inside... do you wish humanity wasn't the only option?]

[It's not.]
[Me too.]
[You're not alone. It's a Thing.]

[I'm a wolf. Like, an actual literal wolf.]

[There is /no difference/ between wanting to be an animal, and just... being an animal.]

[It's like being trans. It /is/ being trans.]

[Wanting is literally /all it takes/.]

[:awoo_pixel: :pixel_pawheart_teal:]

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I am not sure about Bayonetta.

I'd heard it was overly sexualized... and yeah, it's overly sexualized. I really should've expected that.

That doesn't do anything for me as an ace beast. :3

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@Zero_Democracy @LexYeen @BestGirlGrace It's called a nuclear family because it has a tendency to split about half the time, releasing active fission products and destructive energy.

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@BestGirlGrace no, it's called a nuclear family because it's an unstable isotope of cishetero patriarchal society that's only ever been synthesized under artificial conditions.

Listening to melancholy piano music is making me melancholy. I should stop.

Still staring at my new avatar and /wagging/. MAAAWWW!

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She just insisted on getting me out of bed, then when I got up to see what she wanted she laid down in the sunny patch I was in

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me playing Yakuza Kiwami: Wow, this looks like a fun fighting game! Guess I've got my work cut out for me, huh? Oh hey, sidequests? Wonder what these are all about,,,

me three hours later: You dare challenge me at bowling? Fool, I am Kazuma Kiryu, Defeater of the Crane Game, Ace of the Bowling Alley!

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This is a place of honor.
Highly esteemed deeds are commemorated here.
The spirit of the octagon is valued here.
What is here is one-night-only and pay-per-view.
The cage match is in a particular location.
The hype increases toward a center where the event will be held.
The center of hype is here.
Tickets are still available in your time, details may vary.
This event is best seen live & in the front row.

just predator things, and/or object vore 

Want to SNAP my jaws shut over something big and gulp it down whole...

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Quantifying everything people do for fun as unpaid labor is commodification. The idea that all we do is worth something, and not instead that worth is made up, is how we are made to feel like we must always monetize our hobbies and that we will never simply be free to do whatever makes us happy. Abolish work

Probably not though, since they'd all be stuck together logistics-wise.

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I wonder if it'd be feasible to write a book with plural protagonists, then only after a good chunk of the way through do you find out they're all in the same head.

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@IceWolf copyright in general is weird because disney

How are you supposed to write music anymore if you can't even reuse ideas, since short combinations of notes are apparently copyrightable, or so I've heard?

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You've heard of sex positions, now get ready for gender positions!

[Unless you haven't heard of sex positions, in which case, don't worry about it it's not important here.]

I can't tell whether I'm furry or mech right now!

Leaning towards mech I think.

graphic species dysphoria 

I feel like a monkey. Just a weird pink monkey pretending it's a wolf.

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graphic species dysphoria 

The ears are the /worst/... little dish things just stuck on the side there where they don't belong.

Flat face. My muzzle feels like someone cut it off.

These paw-tentacles, while useful, are /strange/.

My arms are way too short for me to stand properly, and even if I could, my back would kill me.

No fur, or even metal, just exposed pink skin.

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