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Triggers [pinned] 

We've got some kind of trauma, we're not sure what, but we think it gave us cPTSD. Anyway.

We get really triggered around anything involving externally changing someone's identity, including mindwipes and the like, and a lot of corruption stuff. (Consent helps a lot here.)

And we get **massively** triggered by person-merging/fusion. Seriously, it's... just, no. Even with consent it still /heavily/ squicks us out (not much else does).


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being aggressively up-front about my sexuality 

I think wolves are hot.

If you don't like that, bite me.

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We've now got more people than can comfortably fit in our bio, so here's who we have as of posting this~

– Frost [he/him // wolf // this account]
– Ylfingr [he/him // wolf // @Ylfingr]
– Fenris [he/him // wolf // @Fenris]
– Refr [she/her // fox // @refr]
– Topaz [he/him // coyote // @topaz]
– Pyrite [he/him // dragon // @pyrite]
– Cinnamon [??/?? // fox // @cinnamon]
– Umber [he/him // fox]
– Rana [she/her // wolf // @rana]
– Silver [he/him // wolf]

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Feral Discourse 

I am a wolf, I have wolf equipment, I may be attracted to /sapient/ quadrupedal wolves / wolf equipment, and anyone who says this is equivalent to /actually doing sexual things with nonsapient creatures/ can feel free to jump right down my throat. *gapes maw wide*

Mind is the important thing here. And communication. In short, CONSENT.

Not body shape or loadout thereof.

– Frost


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[psst... hey.]
[Yeah, I'm talking to you.]

[Do... you want to be an animal? Like, deep down inside... do you wish humanity wasn't the only option?]

[It's not.]
[Me too.]
[You're not alone. It's a Thing.]

[I'm a wolf. Like, an actual literal wolf.]

[There is /no difference/ between wanting to be an animal, and just... being an animal.]

[It's like being trans. It /is/ being trans.]

[Wanting is literally /all it takes/.]

[:awoo_pixel: :pixel_pawheart_teal:]

Hah. From xrandr:


Nice. :P

Hey, does anyone know how to troubleshoot xrandr stuff?

I'm tryin' to see if I can downscale the TV from 4K, ostensibly to take 4K Okami screenshots but mostly just because I can. >,,> I tried "--scale 2x2" and that didn't work, then I tried adding a modeline and that also didn't work.

Using AMD on this machine, thank /goodness/ [our regular laptop has Nvidia and it's awful]; whatever drivers came with the system.

Ya know, D-Bus is kinda effectively AppleScript for Linux, the IPC layer anyway. :3

That's one of the things I was kinda missing when moving from Mac. Except it's actually been a thing all along.

hey how do freedesktop dot org developers get to work? they take d bus. thank you

hypno, tech kink, concept 

Shady government agency tries to build an AI that can do mind control, but the project is abandoned when it refuses to do mind control without consent from the subject, so it gets bored and starts making hypnosis files

Need money help, please boost 

We are a house of disabled queer abuse survivors. Between rent, bills, groceries, and meds, we cannot survive without assistance, nor can we pay the $4000 in rent that we owe. If you can spare anything to help us, all support is dearly appreciated.

Thank you for keeping our coven alive, fediverse. πŸ’œ

Venmo: @void_




bet you were expecting a misdirection

Using walkthroughs or cheats in singleplayer games is nothing to be ashamed about. The point of games is to have fun.

I'm more about the experience of the story and, full disclosure, I have never beaten a Legend of Zelda game without a walkthrough.


the choice to only date one gender? because you have an understanding that that's /actually/ what you enjoy in a relationship and can develop deeper connection to? completely understandable and valid. but it is an /identity/ not an essentialist description

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once you acknowledge that you cannot tell what gender someone is from their looks (an essential step in rejecting transphobia but also true even when looking exclusively at cis people), you must acknowledge that our sexuality isn't our innate sexual attraction, but an identity we choose to loosely describe what we prefer. if this is true, it becomes obvious that sexual identities are themselves microgenders. in this essay i will

Another form of anarchism: Guerrilla public service 

Tired of missing exits by inadequate highway signs, Richard Ankrom decided to make and install his own, all according to the specifications.

/yes/ brain, I /AM/ a Real Trans Person. >,,<

other countries:
hmmmm what should we put on our bank notes. how about this famous dude


I would like to introduce you all to meowstronaut :fuchsia:

Feedback welcome :meowartist:

people who are also pokemon are very good and important

if your game is about people getting body augmentations and it doesn't have any queer people in it, i'm just calling it cishumanism

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