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Furry is such a powerful thing.

*I* am a wolf. *I* have claws and fangs and fur. *I* can grow or shrink to fit the situation (and completely disregard the square-cube law, because it's such a buzzkill).

And unlike a roleplaying game, it's not just some character. I can literally say "this is me" and it is.

How? Because y'all just accept it, roll with it. You have your own crazy ideas for what you are, anyway!

It's so, so wonderful. :D

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I stalk in the darkness, lying in wait for the next unlucky traveler to pass by...

..then I pounce and give them lots of hugs and affection! :ms_wolf:💛

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RT @azure:

I believe a totally appropriate response to being called 'feral' is to bat someone over with a forepaw, pin them beneath it, lean over and grrrowl, "THAT would imply that I or my ancestors had at some point been domesticated."


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Warframe, important: how to avoid a VERY big spoiler. This means a vague mention of the spoiler itself. But seriously, you do *not* want this ruined, and people *will* do it completely by accident. 

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If I seem like I'm always happy, it's probably just because I'm only posting the good stuff going on in my life. Please, don't let that make you depressed because "everyone else is so happy, why is my life so terrible?"

(I would never have thought of this if I hadn't read a book a while back about how social media depresses people because of the constant positivity.)

Man, bitmapped terminal fonts (Terminus) have sure spoiled me. Everything else looks so blurry now. (:

Or maybe other terminal fonts just tend to have bad hinting. All my /other/ system fonts elsewhere look fine. Hm.

Technically, any fire started by a cigarette, spark from a power system, or other man-made source is a feral fire.

Only fires started by lightning or similar are properly WILD fires.

What the hell kind of fighting game has 80 playable characters

Who DOES that

Over 800 SONGS


How the hell much WORK goes into ONE Smash Brothers game.

I know that many people use social media for communications more than they do email. Im starting to see more and more sites relying on thier users being on [social media platform], so they ditch contact forms and email contact altogether.

Cant imagine relying on any social network, with no backup.

Transgender Day of Remembrance 

Today is my B-day. It'd mean the world to me if you could help me with this - re: health & monies 

Hmph, I was hoping it'd be one of those Unicode modifiers, but turning hand emoji into paws. :3

The heart wants what it wants:

Aerobic exercise.

Rambling about maybe «drawing» stuff again 

I just said something related in a reply on twitter, but dog damn it's nice to be able to just put a CW on whatever I don't feel comfortable just having open out right away to everyone, and to be able to avoid stuff that would ruin my mental health (aside from moderation stuff, gotta get through for reports sooner than later after all)

re: f*** facebook, twitter, soundcloud, and; Caps 

fuck facebook, twitter, soundcloud, and 

*deletes and redrafts no less than four times in rapid succession*

Yeah, I really need to just make up my mind before I post. (:

Anyone have a good email provider they can recommend who
– has open signup (e.g. not Disroot where you need to fill out a request and get manually approved)
– at least relatively trustworthy (e.g. not Google)
– supports IMAP?

I'm already covered myself, since I have Disroot, and my parents have their own mail server too. But I'm looking for something I can recommend to other people. (Or potentially use for alt email accounts as well, but still be able to use IMAP.)

Huh. There’s a coyote wandering around outside (being closely surveilled by the local crows, of course, who want peanuts despite the predator in the area).

Driving to work could be tough, maybe if I scoot the seat as far as it’ll go forward and sit on the very edge, I’ll be able to reach the pedals. And I’ll have to use both paws to shift since I don’t have thumbs. I hope I don’t get pulled over, my ID doesn’t look anything like me now

Guess I’m going to work in the buff since I don’t have any clothes for quadrupeds. Better wear a tie so they know I’m supposed to be there, and it’ll give me a place to clip my badge. Can I tie a tie with paws? Hmmmm...

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