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"There's something out there in the forest, I can feel it. Something huge, with big sharp teeth..."

That would be me.

*smiles, revealing enormous gleaming fangs*

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I am the terrifying beast in your nightmares.

Fending off the equally terrifying beasts who would do you harm.

*snarls, eyes burning bright gold in a face of black fur*

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If you use the wrong pronouns to refer to me by accident, I won't bite you or anything. I forget other people's all the time (and tend to fall back to "they").

Unless you're doing it deliberately. To me or other people. Then I'll bite you. My fangs are sharp! *bares teeth*

a physically attractive but unintelligent ambidextrous gunfighter 

The more I think about it, the more staggering it is to me how normalised it is for people to resort to libel and/or defamation of character during online beefs.

How do you pronounce "pupy"?

‪disappointed to hear that foxconn is NOT a convention for foxes‬

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How I Want People To Talk With (And About) My Autistic Son

"The conversations can sometimes get irritating or depressing, because it's draining to have to constantly remind non-autistic people who only know negative media messages about autism that autistic people are human, just like them.

But being human doesn't mean we're "all the same." It doesn't mean denying the realities of being autistic. All human individual realities create specific circumstances, specific needs, and so specific opportunities for misunderstanding. And bad things can happen when human beings don't understand other human beings' realities.

So I'm asking you to try to understand. I'm asking you think about how you talk about people like my son. And how you talk to autistic people, as well, because you probably know more autistic people than you think you do, given that autism is under-diagnosed, especially in women and people of color. Talking to other humans on a human level is, well, a human thing to do, because no one likes being treated badly—or even awkwardly."



Like they want you to follow, follow, follow, to read what /everyone else/ is reading instead of what /the people you specifically find interesting/ are posting...whffffff.

Someone showed me a screenshot a little while ago and...


Twitter's UI is just /garbage/. All this "promoted" stuff, a permanent "who to follow" thing... I mean, what the heck?

's how Twitter's /supposed/ to work.

@david What happens if you crosspost something containing a custom emojo to Twitter? Does it show up as ":foo:"?

Protip: Make sure outside chairs are dry before sitting on them. Whoops. :P

lojban, genital mention 

dog photo, slight eye contact 

Meta -, ranting 

@cwebber I think that's where we're headed. We would probably be there by now if phone manufacturers (especially Apple) weren't so focused on making everything smaller, wireless, and more fragile.

My dream is that you could plug your "phone" into a docking station for your desk, car, game console, whatever. Power, network, displays, and peripherals would all just hook up and... work.

I don't want a "libre phone", though it's more appealing than the current options.

What I want is a single box that I carry everywhere but where I can plug into a monitor and keyboard when I want to do focused development.

And maybe a single server that sits somewhere that is always-on and available for connectivity that I also control.

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