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📌 I'm not "alterhuman". (kinda bitey) 

So, "alterhuman" purports to be an umbrella term for nonhumans (and some other stuff) and therefore to apply to me–

and the entire point is that I'm NOT human! The term feels like "alternate ways of being human" - maybe the definition we saw said something like that, I can't remember - and like, um, NO.

I wouldn't mind if it was framed as a term you /can/ pick for yourself if you like it. But no, it's "nonhumans Are this, you Are included".

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need housing :boost_requested: 

So we /thought/ we were going to be able to safely land in that place that has shared room arrangements, but they may or may not have a spot open and even if they do it'll probably be in a shared room

the person here was like "I talked to [the person who's above the horrible director, from what we've heard she's just as horrible] and we don't have to kick you out just yet"

but like

we can't really stay here, this place is CRUSHING us.

so uh, help? >,,<

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I'm trans* and gay**!

*not your normal trans
**not your normal gay either

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Calling canid things regular and normal to weird out the humans.

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i need more aggressively plural stories that aren't psychology none sense

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Fedi is better than any other platform because I can make funny little comics with blobfoxes

At least until some wolf comes along at the base of your construction project and eats it. Then you gotta find a new one.

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plum bob, when you use a plum on a string to measure vertical angles

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Level with me man (begins to adjust so as to make myself as flat to the ground as possible)

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Leg pardon pistachio boarding with swimming pancake panic oregano box baton boolean where into at courdoroy banking agrippa stencil frankincense

Platform chlorine chorizo

Artichoke d'artagnan bebop worth fairy blaggart lethargy brillo bill

Volcanic organic orgasmic intrinsic stick

Pear pair pare payer peer poor archaeopteryx pull pall poll pole prole

Agamemnon bread dime

Bartholomew tuber

Dennis thou pantsless lagoon why eradicate nervous salamanders with gnarly foot applications knave

Corridor corridor corridor door corridor door corridor corridor stairwell california condor

Chicle vat prickle bat pickle hat fickle cat

International why flooded paragon pentagon pentathlon pent-up penthouse blucifer

Ziggurat intestine

Brazier bowels

Conch award lumberjack housefly parody sprinting vanilla peaceful at carpeting biohazard banana within


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A beacon made of a resplendant prism, casting rays in a multitude of hues, most of which are invisible to human eyes.

At the base of the cliff, deep underwater, a great multifaceted steel drum set to pound out the same warning in frequencies of sound rather than light.

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Wish I had a stone tower to live in.

Maybe also it's a lighthouse by the sea.

Maybe also also it's an otherworldly sea, brushing up against this world. Maybe I'm the dragon who guards the boundary.

Yeah, that'd be cool. :dragnthinkhappy:

🏴‍☠️ is a combination emoji?

🏴 + something else, not sure what because 'delete combining characters' doesn't work that way.

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i dunno. On the one paw, awesome cyberwolf, on the other paw, the /squick/.

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although, while the trailer was pretty gory (/really/ did not need to see that, squick...), the actual gameplay sections of the trailer looked much less bad!

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trying to read the reviews of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and they are ALL meme reviews :<

Holy crap, the Talos Principle is /90% off/ on Steam! Great Portalesque puzzle game.

Hey Firefox, "sheesh" is totally a word.

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f(x,y) = (((x % 15) - (~y)) ^ ((-y) - (19 | y))) & (((10 - y) % (y - 1)) ^ (-(~x)))

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Gradient" colouring scheme.

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