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looking for housing again :boost_requested: 

We need /out of here./

So last time, we found this weird... community housing program thingy. Cool.

So we got in
and we're required to go to a million different things and if we don't go to all of them /we get kicked out/.
On the street.
With nowhere to go.

That hasn't happened yet, but we cannot keep living like this. It's untenable.

so yeah. We're in the California Bay Area; anywhere in range of BART is equally good.

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I'm trans* and gay**!

*not your normal trans
**not your normal gay either

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Calling canid things regular and normal to weird out the humans.

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Feral Discourse 

I am a wolf, I have wolf equipment, I am attracted to quadrupedal wolves / wolf equipment, and anyone who says this is equivalent to /actually doing sexual things with nonconsenting creatures/ can feel free to jump right down my throat. *gapes maw wide*

Communication and /consent/ is the important thing here.

Not body shape or loadout thereof.


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Triggers [pinned] 

We've got some kind of trauma, we're not sure what, but we think it gave us cPTSD. Anyway.

We get really triggered around anything involving externally changing someone's identity, including mindwipes and the like, and a lot of corruption stuff. (Consent helps a lot here.)

And we get **massively** triggered by person-merging/fusion. Seriously, it's... just, no. Even with consent it still /heavily/ squicks us out (not much else does).


@IceWolf oh my god I've heard about this incident a number of times but I've never actually seen the clip before!!!

"metaverse" term meta 

all our friends are dunking on "metaverse", it feels like the NFT people are trying to ruin it and they're /succeeding/ and we don't like that >,,<

let's not let them!

additional benefit of a steam humidifier compared to other types, I hope:

Nice water-boiling bubbling noises. :3

no need to follow Hourly Wolves if you follow me >,,>

a computer can never be held accountable

therefore a computer must never make a management decision

(IBM, 1979 slide)

Looking at humidifiers and it's like "essential oil cup" and _hmm_ now I'm wondering if we could get scented air without cloying awful smells.

schools be like "youre neurodivergent? just neuroconverge lol"

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