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I'm Hemera (or Hemmy) the enby computer cat. Usually found programming in or .

I am a big fan of human-centric programming and program design.

I own some horses and rabbits! So you'll see me posting those from time to time. I also share my adventures in coding.

Feel free to write to me about anything if you wish to, I'll do my best to respond.

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Grade gemerkt dass heute Dienstag und nicht Mittwoch ist.

Geil, dann hab ich ja noch einen Tag mehr diese Woche! Ich bin auch jünger als ich dachte! Wie geil ist DAS denn? 😆


Hi everyone 👋, I made a 3d version of 🦀, the mascot.

It is now free to use for everyone 🥳🎉 (CC0 public domain)! You can use it in your games, renders, 3d demos, presentations, ✨however you like✨! I hope you like it!😊


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SVG images aren’t just images, they’re documents and it’s not safe to serve random people’s svg images on your website.

Here’s a tool that fixes it, and sanitizes #SVG #images to make them as innocent as a JPEG:

(In #Rustlang, of course)

Whoa! This is amazing


This lsp_lines Neovim plugin is a game changer! Makes the presentation of Rust errors and warning so much more readable.


Once again using is a joy.

I've got some rust library I need to build for both linux and windows platforms on x64. With nix its as easy as saying 'please build the linux version' and 'please build the windows version with this linker'.

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French Train stations:
- They scan your ticket before getting on the train
- People everywhere helping you getting on the correct wagon/place
- You actually feel like if there's an issue you will know about it and can respond

German train stations:

- You can find information about arrivals on the left side of this station
- You can find individual train information on the right side of the station


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Hab heute mitbekommen dass mein Kollege in vim die Maus zum Scrollen verwendet.

Ich denke ich muss die Firma wechseln.


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Everytime rust-analyzer has successfully type-checked my #Rust code, I have the following image in my mind 🧠 :

A big stable steel construction with lots of aligned bars just has been build that is impossible to be deformed.

:rust: 🦀

#RustLang #StableSoftware #BigStableSteelConstruction

Would love to hear some opinions on this! (With a potential boost?)

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Some possibilities:

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If one writes an application that is ultimately meant to be run as a system service, how should one handle the 'interactive' situation w.r.t. error handling and help?

For example, imagine that on error you were given an 'error explorer' but of course in a non-interactive context (i.e. as a service) this is not useful and instead the complete error is printed.

How should this be handled? I am not a huge fan of doing terminal detection...

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The joys of nixos :D

> Switch from channel to flakes in my home-manager
> forget rebuilding on my other machine
> Fix a small thing
> sudden 2GiB update

:ms_laughing_w_tears: It's what I asked for, but man

Generics are not an option here sadly, unless there is a way to 'erase' them here (without unsafe ;) )

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I wish I could let an external crate control behavior without introducing trait objects and unnecessary derefs in between...

But at the same time, that feels like a hack to me, since you can certainly CREATE an ARTICLE on a PLACE, but how will that federate? And how will others consume and display this?

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