im sick with probably-not-covid and it feels kinda awkward to just exist
the back of guffy's throat feels like mush
tested negative on the RAT and its a 40m walk to get a PCR so i just kinda havent
guffy feels like shit physically and its compounding with feeling shit mentally lol

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:boost_ok: job and money struggles 

my new manufacturing job where i stand in one spot for 10 hours and get a single 40min unpaid break sent me a termination email for missing a single shift, but fortunately i meant to do it because the work kills my body and i was told not to call in unless im "basically dead"

so i got new interviews lined up and would like some help with food and rent in the meantime. any amount helps, thank you

slam dunk me into whatever container you desire

i have too many sonas,, idk who i identify with :(

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i wish i got to be home alone more!! i wanna wear my cute clothes and shit to deal with my dysphoria n shit lol

"killing it instantly" is an incredibly funny phrase
or maybe just something instantly
similar vibe to "take damage now"

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