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Morrowind Mondays-ish

More training in the world, but this time with a small fortune in the pocket. Things should be getting good, yes?

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Morrowind Mondays-ish

Zan'Ren-Dar thinks it's time to Improve their abilities.

my bank has a Pride theme so now when I open the app there's a rainbow next to my deadname

To be crystal clear:

Boebert is not a hypocrite for hiding her past as a sex worker, for engaging in sex work with Cruz and for having abortions, and then for wanting to remove those rights from everyone in the nation.

She's a fascist, because fascist embrace hypocrisy.

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Seems like several quests are leading us to Ebonheart. Time to take a trip to the Imperial City within Vvardenfell.

Clothing selection 

After a day like yesterday, today is most assuredly a "No Pants Day"

Breaking out the kilt.

Don Quixote is the story of a social justice warrior taking direct action against oppressors from over 400 years ago

he completely fucks it up and just makes shit worse for himself but at least he goddamn tries and for that alone I love him

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Time to actually do what the Thieves' Guild sent us to Pelagaid to do, and get with a jailbreak!

Long C*vid, brain being bad 

Was wondering why my attention has been getting worse and my anxiety keeping at a high level.

Apparently these are common "Long COVID" symptoms.


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