haha no of course my rx isn't getting filled on time why do you ask

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I have done my four hours of focused knowledge work for the day and it used up all my store bought neurotransmitters and now I want to lay on the floor forever but I also have to go shopping and pay bills, none of which I can focus on because I can't re-up my meds for hours or they'll run out before bed and I'll end up hyperfocusing until 3 am woo

PSA to newcomers, crossposting 

#PSA: to newcomers!

Some of you might be tempted to #crosspost between 🐦 and 🐘. As a general rule of thumb, crossposting is frowned upon.

🐦 ➡️ 🐘: try not to do this, but if you really want to, avoid RTs & limit to personal tweets. Set post visibility on 🐘 as "unlisted", so the local timeline is less noisy.
🐘 ➡️ 🐦: usually fine, but don't crosspost replies or boosts, respect privacy of others.

Welcome again & hope you are here to stay.

#FediTip for #NewHere

I'm just honestly tired of how I give a shit what people think or how I want to go to people for sympathy when I'm struggling or diagnose an issue I cannot completely fix myself in a community or system or game

I'm tired of building up expertise that people do not give a shit about or actively deride on a topic and then being called on when they suddenly need it

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Gee why do you have RSD when every time you put your hand into a social space you just get it burned off by white-hot apathy

I love it when I dig into shit enough to have deep systemic problems with it, and then people contributing to those deep systemic problems dismiss my expertise and then brag about not caring

y'all have discord servers where you're not even ignored, but just actively talked over and have your comments immediately blasted off the screen or is this just me and my RSD

"I Should Write More Blog Posts" and 69 other funny jokes you can tell yourself

This idea, "Slow Minecraft", kind of slaps.


As someone who has been the last person standing on... At least a dozen Minecraft servers, the idea of a long, deliberate engagement with a single world is profound and exciting, it's how I wish I could play a Minecraft world instead of living in one, while other people visit and inevitably leave.

Cyberpunk Dystopia (the IRL one), capitalism, lil' bit of Ukraine 

Like their literal observation was, we can't convince Republican senators that there is a risk of harm in data privacy because they don't think it will hurt "regular" (white, cis, conservative) people with "Nothing to hide"

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Cyberpunk Dystopia (the IRL one), capitalism, lil' bit of Ukraine 

My actual job had a presentation with a bunch of panelists who watch the US tech lobbying space, and to paraphrase what they said, they can't get good laws written and passed *Because Republicans think they can use these tools to microtarget and fuck over minorities*. Like they don't believe that data privacy is a threat to *their* base.

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Cyberpunk Dystopia (the IRL one), capitalism, lil' bit of Ukraine 

When we talk about "AI Ethics" this is kind of the shit we talk about as being evil bullshit.

It's not the collection of data per se and the sorting of data, but *stealing* the data from users and using it to actively hurt them for your own fucking profit

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Cyberpunk Dystopia (the IRL one), capitalism, lil' bit of Ukraine 

"But selling farmers their own soil telemetry is only the beginning. Deere aggregates all the soil data from all the farms, all around the world, and sells it to private equity firms making bets in the futures market. That’s far more lucrative than the returns from selling farmers to Monsanto. The real money is using farmers’ aggregated data to inform the bets that financiers make against the farmers."

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Cyberpunk Dystopia (the IRL one), capitalism, lil' bit of Ukraine 

"But the farmers were still the product. The thing that determines whether you’re the product isn’t whether you’re paying for the product: it’s whether market power and regulatory forbearance allow the company to get away with selling you."


its time to #step4sneps! @snowleopards@twitter.com is once again challenging everyone to walk/run/bike/fursuit for snow leopard conservation! Last year you silly animal people managed to raise over $1,800, can we go further this year? 👀


There's a bunch of 'Oh your work pays you so much that you should just get stiffed hundreds of dollars for a week of pills to be functional' arguments to be made, but work won't explicitly refund me that money so that is bullshit.

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I highly just recommend not having ADHD, so you don't end up calling in sick to work so you can fight with your new doctors office about them unchecking the "Only give this person the really fucking expensive drugs" checkbox they sent to the pharmacy for the entire day.

I need a longer planning horizon for comms for these pesky "month" themes...


I don't think it'll happen, but I do keep this mood board around just in case I find the right person open at the right time to do a greebly, detailed Ghostpaw-wearing-a-sci-fi-monofin commission

The fediverse, much like Hellbird, is not private.

Understand this, and plan accordingly.

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