did you ever eat cereal in a cup? if not, you should try it. you just warm up milk in a cup, pour the cereal in and eat with a regular-sized spoon. it's amazing

cereal in a cup: :valid: or not

@knuxify where's the option for "valid but only if you don't put milk in it"

@knuxify no

in fact i haven't had dry cereal in a long time but when i did, no spoon

@monorail i tried eating dry cereal with a spoon once, 0/10 would not recommend

while we're on the topic of dry cereal, some cereal does taste overall better without milk so it's :valid: to eat cereal without milk


@knuxify @monorail dry cereal without a milk, without a bowl, without a cup, without a spoon.

There are some times I ate the cereal directly from the bag.

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