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You know, I'd probably be a lot more productive if I closed this tab. :3
*closes Mastodon, probably only to reopen it five minutes later*

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We all know the Fediverse skews /very/ heavily towards Linux and FOSS stuff in general. No surprise there.

But are we also skewed in The Ultimate Question, Tabs or Spaces? I posted a small poll a while ago (not scientific at all), and nearly everyone voted tabs. Yet out in the wide world, it seems practically everyone uses spaces. Where are all the tab people, the Good and Righteous Bearers of Flexible Indentation?

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Sometimes I feel like I'm the last person on earth who doesn't maximise all their #desktop #windows and constantly moves and shuffles things around instead of just putting #tabs on everything.

Nothing in my desktop environment has a fixed place and it's constantly shifting position, size and monitor.

I feel like the whole concept of "windows" is going out of style. I was horrified by Windows 8 in this respect and am glad some degree of sanity prevailed.

Reassure me - it's not just me right?

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@obw come to, we got:

- people in 2018 bumping threads from 1995
- that's about it

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you've heard of mitm
now get ready for

enby in the middle attacks :blobcat:

Okay, I'm a bit nervous, it'd be the first time I add an individual contact in any XMPP account (Already been in group chats) and don't know who should I start with given most people might be asleep at this time and I don't want to wake 'em up :blobcatblue:

Which one should I use for general XMPP? :blobcatthink:

My Diaspora* account that works with Telepathy
Or my Disroot account that I'm using with Gajim? (I haven't found a way to start the application minimized to the tray yet)


Any help in setting up XMPP?
Specifically on KDE Telepathy.
I'm always getting an authentication error no matter if the password I put in is correct.


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is it fresh as fuck or fresh and in afrikaans

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Just the fear of #surveillance can turn us into self-censors and stop us from exercising intellectual freedom and curiosity.

If we think we're being watched, our behavior changes.

Let's choose an internet free of mass surveillance. #TakeBacktheInternet

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lb: HECK yes peertube live streaming
please do it

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Have you heard of BTM[1]?

It's a Minecraft conference done in-game.
There's a Minecraft server on which the convention center is built, with lecture rooms, booths, etc. Slides are shown on text-mode displays of in-game computers. Voice chat is done with Mumble with positional audio, and lecture-room-specific channels for listening to talks. Questions are asked on in-game chat.


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Tired: Disney+
Wired: Undoing the fucking damage Disney has done to our culture, copyright, and the public domain.

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Some fucking patent troll is suing @gnome, and they are fighting back, to help all of Free software, who might be victims if the troll wins.

I've gotten so much from Gnome trough so many years, and given so little back. But here it is easy to give, so I did, and I tried to make up a little bit for all I've gotten.

And you should too!

Read more:

Give to the defense:

Please boost, they are fighting for all of us, at least we can spread the word

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The old Apple TV had very limited "app" capability, which meant the Netflix app couldn't play trailers with sound as you scanned it, didn't cut off end credits…now that I have the "real" Netflix app, it's a real trash fire. 🙀

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What if capitalism doesn't work because the rich keep hoarding all the riches instead of returning them to the flow of produce and money?

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BREAKING: a federal judge has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelers’ cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices when we cross the U.S. border are unconstitutional.

This is an enormous victory for privacy.

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