pun, bees 

hold my bee *hands you a bee*

The Facebook Logout - a campaign asking users to log out on 10 Nov to hurt the company's revenue

twitter crosspost 

delete photoshop, get clip studio

RT @HYENABLOOD@twitter.com

it is morally correct to pirate photoshop

🐦🔗: twitter.com/HYENABLOOD/status/

money beg, boosts appreciated 

So it's pretty close to the end of the month here and I'm around ~$500 short on being able to make rent and stuff for next month. I'm tryna figure out maybe selling some stuff to help a bit but if you wanted to help out it would be extremely appreciated, once again :blobcatheart:

Plus my birthday is on the 4th and it'd be kinda nice to be able to enjoy it without that all looming over me the whole time


looking for housing again :boost_requested: 

We need /out of here./

So last time, we found this weird... community housing program thingy. Cool.

So we got in
and we're required to go to a million different things and if we don't go to all of them /we get kicked out/.
On the street.
With nowhere to go.

That hasn't happened yet, but we cannot keep living like this. It's untenable.

so yeah. We're in the California Bay Area; anywhere in range of BART is equally good.

List of native #Linux smartphones, tablets and wearables [update 10/2021: add PinePhone Pro]


Discussion of sexual abuse 

I understand that this topic can be particularly complicated and rife with opportunities for misapplication. Especially around sexual abuse.
Please know that what I'm advocating for is not a dismissal of this abuse, but rather an expansion of the standards of consent to encompass all of bodily autonomy, even outside what is seen as sexual.
Its also an understanding that while the category of sex is constructed, it is very much tangible and real in our society. And that that shouldn't be ignored to enact or defend harm

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The concept of sex and how we apply it is socially constructed. It reflects the social conditions its built it.
And its something we can (and should) take apart, confuse, blur and reimagine.


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There's no such thing as sex
'Sex' isn't some naturally occurring concept. Its a term we all made up and a story we tell ourselves.
Which desires, attractions, touches, bodies and pleasures are considered sexual isn't set in stone.
This become incredibly apparent when you look closer to the edges of what we've socially constructed as sex. Think of the (often invasive and dismissive) question of 'how do (cis) lesbians have sex?'. Or the wonderful world of kinksters that explore feelings most people don't think of a sexual in sexual ways. Or explore things people see as only sexual in non-sexual ways. Think of the western conception of breasts as intrinsically sexual and how that's not at all a universal idea. Think of how some bodies are considered more sexual than others and how sexuality is denied from others.


These thoughts brought to you for #aceweek

I hope those two people whose pictures are constantly used as “angry leftist” stock photos in right wing memes are doing well

fork of mv that moves the entire universe while the files stay in place

just because someone is "unemployed" doesn't mean they're not working their ass off

Sometimes I see Twitter and it looks like what the Fediverse would be like if they did a movie adaptation and had to change it up for a broader audience.

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