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poor people politics, "dont waste money" 

can we talk about the idea enforced that poor people should never use a cent on indulgence or something we enjoy? this is something that has affected me a lot.

id love to hear peoples thoughts on it.

moneyrequest, survival, getting a bit more urgent now [credit card just rolled over] :boost_requested: 

Credit card has officially rolled over. Due July 19.

Bill is $319.17. We have $132.54. So we need $190 more...

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bootleg theatre stuff 

Tomorrow I may take a photo of the new show, which adds Poppy Playtime to the mix I posted yesterday.

theatre, bootleg, random political sign included 

Someday I should start a subreddit named r/bootlegtheatre

A well-designed system tolerates mistakes because they're inevitable, not because they're fine.

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They say effort doesn't matter, but *I'm people too*. If it's too hard to fix bugs because you demanded too many features that you don't even use but decided they have to exist... then bugs won't get fixed. Not for any amount of money.

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I love , but I also know that design is a back and forth. Not catering to the most oblivious and uncaring people, for the sake of taking their money before they realize there's no magic money can buy.

Asking for donations to afford groceries including cat food, please boost 

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to ask that but I'd desperately need help with groceries.

I'll only receive my disability benefits next week, but my fiancee and I need to afford food, for our two cats as well because they won't have enough until then.

We're grateful for any donation or boost. Thank you if you can and are willing to help us. 🙏🏻

#MutualAid @mutualaid


left arm hurts so much.

*rings your doorbell* hello, I'm stalebot. I've noticed you bought a bunch of stuff for a new hobby and haven't touched it in three months, so I'm gonna go ahead and put it in your garage now.

lookin at the dartlang documentation rn and

i'm not sure why these kinds of tutorials like to say "you can do this thing in our language, unlike in javascript!" about things you can 100% do in javascript?

health (-) 

Uuuuugh, my chest hurts real bad and I have fever.

“What’s becoming clearer over time is that the Trump-era GOP is hoping to use its electoral dominance of the red states, the small-state bias in the Electoral College and the Senate, and the GOP-appointed majority on the Supreme Court to impose its economic and social model on the entire nation—with or without majority public support“

reminder Hitler was voted democratically… but didn’t have the majority he would have needed

Small priority shift: the $7 desk chair I got at the thrift shop that seemed so good actually has a broken hole where one of the wheels go. It's currently held up by a thick stack of napkins and a rubber band. This is less than ideal!

Desk chairs that can actually support my weight and don't have bad reviews saying the weight claim is a lie run in the $300+ range.

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