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Don't forget, I'm doing a Marathon Charity Stream Event this month, Tuesday the 22nd! I'll be starting at 9am PST at TWITCH.TV/ASTRIUSCATYOTE and going for as long as my old ass can play!

The charity is to help provide menstrual products for poverty-stricken young people in Kenya. A GoFundMe link will be provided.

My hands are getting old. Almost everyone I know thinks I'm much younger than I am, but as @AstriusCatyote says, you can see otherwise in my eyes. This past year, I can distinctly see it in the backs of my hands.

I'm okay with this. I'm frankly tired of being treated like I'm new to town when I've been here a long time.

Oof, new account, and new to Mastodon as a whole. But I already dig the layout and interface. This could be a good change. 🐺

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