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college has started for me so posts will be less often for a bit
anyways here's a battle cats firestar

200 youtube subs face reveal: i am actually kitty!!
actual photograph of me (real) (not clickbait)

i got tired partway through working on this one so I'm just gonna leave it as-is

for some reason my brain just said "what if hollyleaf wore a bit of holly like a bowtie" and so i made a hollyleaf design on impulse

youtube link 

This is a thumbnail contest entry for Kiwi Cat's "Hit The Road Jack" MAP!
Link to speedpaint:

this is a thumbnail contest entry for Ashtrall's "Personal Jesus" warrior cats MAP!
i'm actually really happy with this but also really sad that i didn't record it while making it, because i think this could've been a really good speedpaint

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the actual title is "ponder"

postybirb does not add titles to masto posts and i forgot about that

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the first title i thought of for this drawing: "hmhmhmhmhmhm"
i think the actual title is a better one

art fight attack for nappez on art fight!

[ID: A drawing of a light orange lion with wings and light green eyes. End ID]

art fight attack for SweetNightLunar on DA

[ID: A drawing of a blue and brown pegasus. End ID]

art fight attack for theworshtt!

[ID: A drawing of a grey and brown cat with glasses.]

if anyone is familiar with that one "ninja cat" photographer named Hisakata Hiroyuki, i used an image from them as a reference for the pose dhfdhjf love those images

[ID: a drawing of a brown cat in an autumn forest jumping to paw at a falling leaf.]

art fight attack for theworshtt!!

[ID: A grey and brown cat covered in red flowers]

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