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i wanna do more pixel art tbh

[ID: animated pixel art of a black/white/pink/purple/blue cat]

youtube link, no image description 

listen. listen. tweening is great and idc what anyone says

art fight attack for Nebulion!

[ID: A drawing of a grey dragon with a space background.]

i experimented with ear shapes a bit with this one, this is also months old

[ID: A drawing of a black and white cat.]

YT link, no image desc 

started working on this last night and its been all i could think about since i was assigned the part so i got it done pretty quick

[drawing] animal eye contact 

art fight attack for Theworshtt! finally uploading art fight stuff

[ID: a drawing of a brown cat pulling a rabbit out of a hat]

sdjhfskfjhsfsdjf this took longer to make than it needed to

[ID: A drawing of a brown tabby cat holding a graphics tablet pen in their mouth.]

uploading more art made long ago but i never uploaded dsjfjsdkfj

[ID: a digital drawing of a black, orange, and white cartoon cat with an orange bowtie.]

Posting my Art Fight link here before the site breaks in an hour skdjfskd

I'm on Team Sugar this year!! I'm still okay with friendly fire though.

i made this so long ago but i never uploaded it i am so behind on this stuff sljkfjsldkfj

Esoteric Gardenism: an ideology where we assign different policies to different plants, then we put the plants in a forest. The plant that survives the longest is the policy we do.

you know youre stuck in the jreg rabbit hole when u start making up ideologies just to make them into Centricide OCs skdfjskdfh

[Image description: a brown cat with pink flowers in its fur]

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