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If you have a problem with:
* Furries
* Cis
* Men
* Political Centrists
* Gamers
Don't follow me. You're probably going to have a problem with me, because people can't live and let live anymore.

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I'm really sorry, guys. I dropped my can of Void Juice and it started consuming the universe. If you see a creeping black nothingness, please do not touch it

Hm. My last actual toot was almost a month ago. Time flies

"Do not doubt my garbage wisdom. The depths of the dumpster are too deep for you to understand."
- @Remetheus

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we interrupt your browsing experience to bring you this interruption

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tfw when you try to do the "n't" meme to "can" and realize what you've just done

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Opinion: All verification emails should have a "suspicious login" link so you can temp-lock your account immediately from your phone.

I have mastered the art of fending off furries. I call it Furjutsu.

Fennec OS has encountered an issue and needs to close. Please reboot your fox

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Can we stop with the whole "It's only a joke if it's funny" thing? Thanks

If you're being chased by an animal, just lay on the ground for 5 seconds. The 5 second rule will prevent the animal from eating you.

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Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife.
But especially, hide yo' fruits.
Because bunny DEMANDS fruit.
Bunny will do everything in its power to obtain fruit.
Literally. EVERYTHING.

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This instance is focused around the furry community, and is open to anyone interested in it. It was created by @Tiwy57 originally for a small group of furry friends, but thought it might as well be open to all fluffies and scalies !

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