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If you have a problem with:
* Furries
* Cis
* Men
* Political Centrists
* Gamers
Don't follow me. You're probably going to have a problem with me, because people can't live and let live anymore.

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I'm really sorry, guys. I dropped my can of Void Juice and it started consuming the universe. If you see a creeping black nothingness, please do not touch it

Hitchhiker's Guide; 

Health, Serious, - 


games, design/settings 


Rant; Food Theft 

Bard is the most OP class, change my mind

ramble, semishitpost 


You try to call tech support but it's just a dozen fennecs on the other end



Audio hazard 

Why would someone choose this instance of all instances to set up a vore bot on I:


I've got 99 problems and one of them is accurately assessing how many problems I have

Controversial opinion: oreos are the worst type of "cookie" and should never be used for "cookies and cream"

Hm. My last actual toot was almost a month ago. Time flies

"Do not doubt my garbage wisdom. The depths of the dumpster are too deep for you to understand."
- @Remetheus

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