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If you have a problem with:
* Furries
* Cis
* Men
* Political Centrists
* Gamers
Don't follow me. You're probably going to have a problem with me, because people can't live and let live anymore.

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I'm really sorry, guys. I dropped my can of Void Juice and it started consuming the universe. If you see a creeping black nothingness, please do not touch it

Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife.
But especially, hide yo' fruits.
Because bunny DEMANDS fruit.
Bunny will do everything in its power to obtain fruit.
Literally. EVERYTHING.

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Wanna know a secret?

I laugh at my own jokes

Patience comes to those with no other choice

writing prompt

a dozen accounts of the same day from different perspectives, none of which are from the "protagonist".

I guess I'm back from my social media hiatus since I finished KH3's story.

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fact: Fennecs have very long, *rounded* ears. Not pointy.

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PSA to my followers: Because of the risk of Kingdom Hearts 3 spoilers, I'm going on a partial internet blackout for the next week or two. Which means no reddit, youtube, or social media.

If you wanna contact me, send me a direct message for my Discord or Telegram (I'll check private messages here for the next day or so)

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This instance is focused around the furry community, and is open to anyone interested in it. It was created by @Tiwy57 originally for a small group of furry friends, but thought it might as well be open to all fluffies and scalies !