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Unpopular Opinion 

You’re cute. :3

Mastodon question. Can I add someone to a DM thread? And if I do, can they see the previous messages? I accidentally started a DM with someone's inactive second account and want to add their primary account to the DM.

Shower thought: Lifting up the toilet seat before you pee is equivalent to you turning on aim assist or lowering the difficulty setting.

It’s getting cold in my room. Considering mining crypto so I can both make free money and warm up my room. 🤣

this is an NFT Discord server btw and I have no regrets. :D

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Resisting the intense urge to delete my Twitter entirely and move over fully to Mastodon.

Rant / Furry Drama 

Bruh why are people so annoying. I was in an 18+ Discord VC, literally just streaming me playing Animal Crossing, and somebody in the VC DMs me asking me to stop being “horny and gross”. I told them I don’t remember doing that and they claimed I was lying about not remembering it, called me a know-it-all, then blocked me. 🙄

Today I learned that on Discord for iOS, you can tap on a photo being uploaded (above the textbox) to mark it as a spoiler. Bruh since when???

Bruh the Twitter app just tried to show me their new feature with a pop-up saying “What the #$@!% is that?”

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