Nothing like having an allergic reaction to a bug bite at 6 AM. 💀

How would I go about placing a restraining order on a fly? /j

Why the fuck is the Roblox Avatar Ship “recommending” I buy a shitty looking sword for $600,000 USD? Isn’t this game made for kids???

Why does iPadOS force enable Battery Percentage when I turn on Low Power Mode???

I stayed up until 1 AM last night watching Steven Universe and somehow had SU induced night terrors until 4 AM.

Kitty got a pedicure! My claws are sparkly! Rawr!

@peppdurr This is literally one of the biggest reasons I switched to iPhone. I hated not getting updates on Android.

Is this Community tab in the official Mastodon app supposed to be local timeline…? What’s with the empty Posts and News tabs…?

@xoagray wew. That’s definitely a deal breaker…! One of my favorite features of Toot is being able to add instances (like Fosstodon) without logging in so I can see their public timeline.

Is the official Mastodon app good now? I’ve been using Toot up until now.

Today I learned Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a time limit.

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