Why the fuck is the Roblox Avatar Ship “recommending” I buy a shitty looking sword for $600,000 USD? Isn’t this game made for kids???

Why does iPadOS force enable Battery Percentage when I turn on Low Power Mode???

Is this Community tab in the official Mastodon app supposed to be local timeline…? What’s with the empty Posts and News tabs…?

Today I learned Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a time limit.

Rant / Furry Drama 

Bruh why are people so annoying. I was in an 18+ Discord VC, literally just streaming me playing Animal Crossing, and somebody in the VC DMs me asking me to stop being “horny and gross”. I told them I don’t remember doing that and they claimed I was lying about not remembering it, called me a know-it-all, then blocked me. 🙄

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