Why the fuck is the Roblox Avatar Ship “recommending” I buy a shitty looking sword for $600,000 USD? Isn’t this game made for kids???

lengthy explanation 

@FayneAldan those are limited items, they've been in the game/platform since 2009 and there's a community behind trading, which is beyond my understanding even though i've joined around 2011 and played on and off every couple of years

most of the items initial/original prices were considerably low at the time (not all), so everything's been super inflated especially ever since roblox boomed in popularity the last couple of years out of the blue

lengthy explanation, addendum 

@FayneAldan that shitty looking sword's original price was 25,000 robux. it's a gear item and not an accessory, but almost no current games support roblox's gears anymore (most game creators use their own gears and not ones you buy from roblox) so it's come back around to being used as an accessory.

@FayneAldan it is kinda funny that they have a tab, let alone recommend stuff like this to the average player IN the avator editor.

it's super alienating if you haven't been on the site since way back then, they just don't care and hope you buy one of the reseller's listings since roblox gets a nice 30% robux tax from any sales from premium users (90% from non-premium, lol)

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