Nothing like having an allergic reaction to a bug bite at 6 AM. 💀

How would I go about placing a restraining order on a fly? /j

Why the fuck is the Roblox Avatar Ship “recommending” I buy a shitty looking sword for $600,000 USD? Isn’t this game made for kids???

Why does iPadOS force enable Battery Percentage when I turn on Low Power Mode???

I stayed up until 1 AM last night watching Steven Universe and somehow had SU induced night terrors until 4 AM.

Kitty got a pedicure! My claws are sparkly! Rawr!

Is this Community tab in the official Mastodon app supposed to be local timeline…? What’s with the empty Posts and News tabs…?

Is the official Mastodon app good now? I’ve been using Toot up until now.

Today I learned Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a time limit.

@dzuk Hey, how much would it cost if I wanted to commission the paw emojis from MS but just with my sona’s colors? Literally nothing else changed? :pawy1_v:

I just watched a TikTok of somebody eating “Premium Edible Chalk”… 😐

Bruh. I ordered a Taco Salad from Wendy’s. They gave me the chips. They gave me the chili. HOW DID THEY FORGET THE SALAD. IT’S LITERALLY IN THE NAME.

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