I’m calling it right now. Noob from ROBLOX for Smash.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the whole point of Among Us to NOT be suspicious?

Streaming a really fun Among Us clone on Twitch.TV! Come join for some fun and some game drops! The game is also free and I highly recommend trying it out later with some friends!

When you try to uninstall The Sims 4 and Origin uninstalls The Sims 4. Technically speaking, it DID uninstall The Sims 4.

Is it just me or does @Minecraft@twitter.com VR not work? I try to open it on Oculus and it just opens Minecraft for Windows 10 in desktop mode.

Side note: Yes, I know about Vivecraft for Java Edition. I just prefer Bedrock Edition.

Undertale Spoilers 

So, I recently replayed *most* of Undertale for the achievements on Xbox. I've never seen what happens if you kill Undyne in a neutral run and holy shit I almost cried. Alphys doesn't even know I killed Undyne because she "forgot to watch the human fight Undyne" saying she'll ask her about it later...

Anyone have any idea what could be causing most the programs on my computer to crash when I open some large applications? It’s happened opening Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy 15, and Visual Studio Code. I’ve already done a RAM check so I’m thinking it might be a CPU issue.

Bruh what do I need to do to get into an Among Us game with other streamers?

Can we just point out the fact that @elonmusk@twitter.com's child will never be able to make a Disney+ profile?

As of today, I can now legally drink away my sorrows. Happy birthday to me, I guess.

Me: *is excited to play Kingdom Hearts on PC*
Me: *preorders Kingdom Hearts on Epic Games Store*
Me: *reopens Epic Games Launcher every hour to see if it's available for download*
Epic Games: You can download Kingdom Hearts. Oh also all the games are now 20% off.


bruh imagine iMovie not supporting mkv files. :D

UPDATE 2: They sent a mass text saying to disregard the overpayment notifications. :D

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TL;DR: Not in debt.

I was told on the phone that there's a "glitch" with the extended benefits that could cause it to think I owe money but it zeroes out immediately afterwards? My overpayment history does say that my "Original Overpayment Balance" is $4,672 but my "Collectable Balance" is $0 so okay I guess? Maybe next time they should say me an email saying "oops sorry you're not in debt" after sending me 12 emails saying I AM in debt. -.-

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