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suicide PSA 

Due to recent events going on in my life, I'm just going to post this here - If you or a loved one ever have thoughts of suicide or hurting themselves, please seek help immediately. Contact any of these resources or your nearest hospital:

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well i should probably make an introduction

i'm expi feliton, a socialist kitty from colorado who's into computers and and likes gaming, writing, drawing and shitposting.

i'm also obsessed with overwatch for some reason.


honestly as much as I dislike Hickenlooper I'm so damn glad I get to vote against Cory Gardner this year lmao

pol/linux community 

tfw I go back to check out one of my favorite Linux Youtubers I used to watch a lot in 2017 and it turns out he’s a complete anti-quarantine conspiracy theorist.


ngl as a trans female it's really hard for me to ever sympathize with the right considering most of them either treat people like me as a complete joke or just want me outright dead.

Confession: I never really got into Adventure Time, but not really because I didn't like the show itself. My parents stopped paying for cable TV around the time it first started airing and by the time I became aware of those sketchy cartoon sites I used to watch Steven Universe on the show was already 6 or 7 seasons in.

I got a phone call from an obvious scam number so I played American Dad earrape over the phone and the guy immediately hung up


like, i still find myself hanging out with people from the (now defunct) roblox forums even though i feel like the community was a source of a lot of my social anxiety issues and I also go back on MLPForums from time to time even though I really just haven't been happy with the state of the community and staff since 2016 or so.

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to be honest i sometimes don't really understand why i go back to communities or hang out with certain people who were generally not great to me in the past

pol, meme 

reactionaries when they make an attack helicopter joke for the billionth time


my little pony: friendship is magic outlasted the confederacy

jeff kaplan: *gets asked about an overwatch rep in smash*

literally everyone: is jeff pushing for tracer to be in smash? 😳😳😳

The Wii U is one of the best consoles of all time, fite me.


overwatch twitter account: "hey, the italian voice actor for soldier 76 passed away, we are posting in memory of him."

the replies: "lul overwatch bad dead game!!!! xD PLEASE GIVES ME LIKES"

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