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suicide PSA 

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well i should probably make an introduction

i'm expi feliton, a socialist kitty from colorado who's into computers and and likes gaming, writing, drawing and shitposting.

i'm also obsessed with overwatch for some reason.




i managed to beat bubsy: the woolies strike back and still be eligible to refund it on steam


tbh now that I think about it I feel like I enjoyed the DS more in general than the 3DS.

I'm not really sure if it's related to me growing up during the 3DS' lifespan, but I feel like in general I had better memories with the original DS and the original DS' best titles generally stood out to me more than the 3DS'

I think I'm going to upgrade my graphics card within the next year or two. At least not until after the PS5 and Xbox Series X (as well as Overwatch 2) come out.

pol, satire 


cw: potential steven universe spoiler 

to any windows 7 users who don't want to upgrade to 10: might i recommend trying out linux mint


may I have your attention please




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