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Oh, I just noticed that a little troll replied to one of my posts with a video in the aim of offending me xD
I don't really pay attention, so, I didn't notice it was posted almost 10 days ago.
Dearie, I don't know who you are (nor do I even care ^^), but I really hope you sincely don't believe you can get on my nerves with this :) It's hurting you more than it hurts me. This account is public on purpose, so, I know what to expect ;)

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10 months into HRT and I went through a relatively confusing, yet interesting phase in the last 2 months, during which my emotions were boiling. I think that it was that moment when you find out that estrogen has more impact on your brain than you even realized in the first place. I noticed that some things, including stress, affected me more than they used to. However, knowing this helps keep emotions under control.

Grosse merde dans les trains encore tout à l'heure, et un con ne trouve rien de mieux à faire que de tenter une approche dans le train bondé en mode "C'est quoi ton petit nom ?"
Ma réponse : "Ella .... Ella Pasenviedevoirtagueule".
Non mais !

C'est comme ça qu'on rembarre un importun, mes Trésors !

It would really be a nice opportunity if I could start such a thing. I'd feel way more useful than I currently do.
If others can benefit from the experience I've gained so far in my transition, and if it can make theirs easier, that'd be awesome!

The LGBT inclusion/equality consulting firm guy replied to my message. He'd like to have a phone call with me in order to talk about my idea and my project. I hope he'll be interested in my plan to become some kind of corporate training speaker/advisor, especially focusing on trans folk inclusion and transition support in the workplace.

However, please avoid the typical "Are you a boy or a girl?" question. Just ask for pronouns :)

> through lots of (very) slow changes during which that person may look more or less androgynous (either because they wish to look so, or also because it may be a temporary in-between stage resulting from progressing HRT effects).
As a result, don't be afraid to ask for pronouns if you are unsure.

Extended explanation of my previous post regarding asking about pronouns and why asking is polite, because some cis folks were a bit confused. I was told "I feel it'd not be polite to ask because I'd be questioning the gender of the person I'm seeing". Well, no. In fact, a person's gender may not be accurately reflected by their physical appearance and/or general look. For instance, a transitioning person may still be defining their style; not to mention that in the process, the body goes >

- if you clock someone (that is: find out they're trans), don't point it out.
- similarly, don't out people to others

Gentle reminder to people unfamiliar with trans matters:
- do not ask for pre-transition names (aka deadnames)
- do not ask about what's between our legs
- respect people's preferred pronouns (if you don't know, ask them, asking this is polite!)
- do not stare at us as if we were zoo animals
- just use common sense and politeness
- do not be afraid of taking about other things than gender. We already think about it often enough, so, we also like to chat about other things :)

EN: I had a really nice long conversation yesterday evening over voicechat with someone still questioning themselves and having some fears/worries about HRT. They're going through quite intense introspection at the moment, so, I did my best to give the most accurate insight possible.

FR: Longue conversation sympa hier soir en vocal avec une personne en questionnement et ayant des inquiétudes/craintes sur le THS. Pas mal d'instrospection, donc j'ai donné des réponses aussi précises que possible.

Après environ deux mois de démarches, j'ai pratiquement terminé tous les points administratifs urgents liés au changement de nom. J'écrirai un petit guide pour les personnes intéressées et qui font leurs démarches en France :)

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