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Shoutout to @oatmealine for this awesome badly stylized pfp that I will use as my Masto banner

I love it

very jealous of the people who get to have wikipedia articles just by virtue of the fact that they happen to have the kind of personality and upbringing where they Do Lots Of Things. "was editor of this college newspaper" or "wrote the authoritative book on this subject" or "won a gold medal" or whatever. that kind of person. why don't i get to have a wikipedia article???? where it's like "from 2017 to 2019 he thought a lot about Birds and regularly visited and fed two crows at the local park"


It's been so long, beautiful people.
Stuff happened recently, I was full of things to do, I just forgot I had a Mastodon account

Joe Dart's bass is the best way to reach nirvana

Hello everyone, I'm back. :stat_meh: 

Not feeling like tooting lately

Encountered a take on Hades that was basically "The whole game needs to be redesigned because I'm not very good at the third boss" and, like, far be it from me to be a Git Gud idiot but

Have you considered Gitting Gud?

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