Vore Day Art 

It’s vore day! Have some vote day art, courtesy of Silas, Sofu’ character Anek, @Nomaxice, and Dev!

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macro/micro, paws 

I'm usually the big guy since I ain't comfortable being small around all but a select few.

Those few might be surprising considering their usual... tiny stature.

But gosh is it so nice to have my sweet lover gently tease~

Look at that big cutie @Dracodare

🖼 twitter.com/InsolelintBenny

Also of note, I'm surprised but glad that Netflix allowed me to take a screenshot of this. Generally, if memory serves, it blocks them

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Well jeez. This is coming from the very first few seconds of Stranger Things season 4, which airs today. That's... I mean, judging by the fact they felt the need to include this, that's really unfortunate timing. But I'm very glad they chose to do it

Size Difference. Also cute and wholesome hugging! 

And another one! This time featuring @Nomaxice! I’m giving him a hug~

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Macro Micro, Paws 

Here we have a most unusual of pictures: me being moderately big! When a friend asks me to help him show a servant their place, who am I to say no?~

Big rat == Silas
Smol toe lint- I mean mouse == Rodger
Green foot == Mine~

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I think I’m gonna try and make a thread of artworks so people can always find others whenever I post them!… if I can remember to use it! XD

Now let’s see, what to upload…

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Paw day, macro 

Happy paw day!
Here's a few of my favorites gotten throughout time, including the latest from @BlurTheFur and other artworks by Nommz Proximiter @wizlicos
Featuring @Tiwy57 Soulfox @Yarideki @sh1r0n Jamie @AetraDragon @Dracodare and more!

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the existence of a legal name implies the existence of a better, sexier illegal name

Gosh heckies, I have an absolutely amazing art idea but utterly no idea how to implement it >:T

Macro, Muscle 

Time to show some art! Here we have one Switch Megawolf showin’ off them guns of his, liftin’ an aircraft carrier over his head, one-handed!!

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12 hour freebie sketch stream, let's gooo

cw: light kinks, alcohol 18+


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Macro, paws 

So I got extremely lucky, I won a slot in the sketch raffle from @BlurTheFur and it looks absolutely fluffing amazing.

How 2 enable dark mode on metatext send google uwu

Reverse shapeshifter... They change the shape of anything *but* themselves!

Hmmm... Figuring mastodon out, some more...

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Seeing a lot of people joining Mastodon is really cool, but be sure to help the new folks out. We want them to stay, so show them the ins and outs of Mastodon. Make sure they know about the Local timeline, If they’re on the official Mastodon app, point them to things like Tusky or Toot! So they can get the full use of the service. This will help people not get frustrated and quit it.

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Macro paws 

Big, shiny, and full of color. Did I mention big?

Comm for RainbowJulian

Finding out you can use emojis on here with ease

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