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Hey ! We are back 🍾

... wait I'm the last to arrive? :blobcatsweats:

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maw shot 

Juniper has a gooey, sensual embrace like no other~

Painting commission for dahwchooa

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As meow will be migrated to a more powerful server, it will not be available on the 19th, until the 20th of September, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to bring things back as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

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I froze, sure I was on the nature path alone, "Hi?"

"I'm a bird helper," the small, high-pitched voice explained. It also seemed to be coming from some bushes.

"Are you... a person who helps birds or... a bird who helps persons?"

"Yes? Yes!" the voice sounded uncertain for only the briefest moment.


"Oh! You're about to walk into poison oaks."

"Huh. That's very helpful! Thanks!"

"Welcome!" the voice proudly chirped.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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I did a thing, taken from @Dracodare on twitter with some improvements for more flexibility and hopefully readability~
Comment to join in, precise stomp/vore if you only want to be in one!
I'll try and include non mutuals but might be hard if I don't know you, and will let this on a while or 'til I get a decent amount of folks~

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‪Thank you so much yellow team in Fallguy that all sacrificed yourselves in the soccer game to teach a cheater a lesson and ensure he didn’t win!‬
‪Like... Seriously, y’all made me giddy, and that was BEFORE I saw my my bf win the whole game next round~

‪And special kudos to the duck guy who started it first~‬
‪Fallguy # 3234, you’re awesome~‬
‪Same for 1193, 2044, and the last one whose number I sadly couldn’t read in time. Thank y’all, and keep being awesome~<3

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Oh you're a furry? Name three popular community figureheads who are immensely problematic but the community refuses to deplatform.

Macro-Micro Paw Stuff 

Sooooo, I made a thing~
For once I’m the big one, as a poor @Aetra is finding out~

But I’ve still got a few more hours of errands to do, so back in he goes! Now where’s that sock...

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I can't believe it, I made it, first victory in fall guys, and on tail tag of all games!
That's the one I never win because of lag!
I'm so happy :D
I thank my lucky charm during this run, @sh1r0n !

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Macro/micro, game stuff 

We bet size with @Dracodare in fall guys, starting at 5.5ft for him and 8.8ft for me... While I warmed up he did manage to grow to 11ft, leaving me 2.75ft... But then I kept winning, and left him only 2ft tall while I am now 13ft~ :3

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Vore mention, silly stuff 

@Dracodare We tried again... And at the very last game we did before we had to stop, the mlem actually managed to win, while I lost. Well heck that's gonna be one big belly on the chameleon.

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Vore mention, silly stuff 

Also played Fall Guys with @Dracodare and I kept winning, when we had a bet that the winner would eat the loser. I'm starting to think he specifically tried to lose to get eaten...

Vore Day Pic 

Here's a lovely, beautiful piece I got from @Nomaxice both to celebrate vore day (8/8) and our eight-month-iversary of our becoming a couple~

And it's perfect u///u

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Vore Day post 

Before I sleep, and because a certain mlem told me to do it
Here's my contribution for 8/8 aka #VoreDay
🖼: again
ft. me, @Dracodare and

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Implied vore 

Yes I’m aware what day it is, why do you ask? Oh! If you insist!

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charizard maw 

Insert food into Charizard maw

Happy , y'all

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