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Quoting @Dracodare as per his request
«I am such a derp~"
His own words, not mine~

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Okay, I'm out of practice but got my pens and ink and reservoirs to get back into it so...

Hello Fedi 💚
I'm Noma :noma_idle:

Want me to handwrite a thing for you?
Hit me up! Say what you want me to write.

I will take some time over the next few days to do it, can be your name, a phrase, whatever (keep it wholesome and somewhat short please!), I'll choose one of my inks and pens and handwriting style to fit it, and scan it to mention you with it.

No boosting required, but :boost_ok: !

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Now I received the *proper* Medium nib pen :D
So I got two Bold, one Medium, one Extra Fine...
I'd need a fine and Extra Bold to complete the collection I guess XD

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Paws, Macro-Micro, Anniversary 

Well, this took a bit of trying to manage to upload! XD
But here we go. An anniversary/birthday gift from @Nomaxice, ‘cause in French you use the same words for both~ |3

Given partway between our anniversary on 1/8 and my birthday on 2/9~

I’m gonna eat my body weight in cake. Only question is, which parts~

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So it's dragon appreciation day eh?
Well, choose your flavor, lazy boy, or noodle boy?

(arts by and lil' guy on the first picture is @Dracodare )

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US current events 

Ugly laughing that the response to a time of crisis is "Someone shut the president up!"

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There were rough times, there have been moment of anxiety and stress, but mostly, there has been support, happiness, and love.
Happy first anniversary my sweet @Dracodare ~<3

@Dracodare I also like the idea of like a dragon being regal and otherworldly. That’s an awesome twist
But really, the idea of being supernaturally incapable of being dirty, awkward, or incapable is *oddly appealing*
And it also gives you a way to auto-succeed on ability checks. It’s hecking niiiiiiiice!!

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So Godbound’s like DnD, but you play as gods
And I love it
And it has “Words,” which are what you’re the god of

And I can usually settle for like Dragon and Sorcery, but you get three at the start, and I can never really feel satisfied with a third
A short while ago I looked into Underworld and liked it, but I more recently fell in love with Faerie Queen/King

It’s heckin’ cool
You got yer magic deals, inability to look awkward, fae servants, and otherworldly good looks with it
I like

Someday... someday I’ll learn how to make an actual heckin’ sketch instead of accidentallying up a whole drawing

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Macro-Micro, Squeeeezing, Mean 

I intended these as a scribble. I don’t know why I intend anything as a scribble. I darn well know I can’t scribble. IT MUST BE PERFECT!!

But ye, the golden guy be a dude named Miller. He has no account here, to my knowledge u.u

Paws, Macro-Micro, Cue Tea, Art 

HERE WE GO! Finally! XD

Some neat pieces for a wonderful person, @Nomaxice~
... Spanish speakers are gonna be so confused, though~ >:3c

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