The thing is... I wanna be more active, but life has plans for me.

Namely moving. Yep. 10 months only in that flat o'mine and I am moving out.

I should be more active on here. It's much less stressful than with the blue bird.

Can we stop for a moment and appreciate how snoot-tastic aardvarks are?

CW: Latex, Hypnosis 

"Now, all that's left is to put me on and pull that cloak fully on. Trust me, you won't even mind it once I have sealed your recognizable self under this attire; a new hero needs a new identity, right~?"

Quick before bedtime doodle.

Update: Still bleh, but stopped to worsen. Good sign, I guess?

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Update: Am at work, but slower than an exhausted snail. Buh...

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Update: It is ALREADY kicking my aardvark derriere. We will see if I can even clock in tomorrow.

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I expect to be KO'd tomorrow. Got my booster. Beh.

Discovering the effects of high speed and barely touching water.

Forest floor isn't just about undergrowth and mosses; it's also where cute snail critters congregate to socialize!

Woodworking is taking a lot of time, so is suit making! Phew!

Narcs aren't gnarly. Beating em to the punch, however, is rad.

Whew! Worked on some woodworking projects this weekend. Got a LOT done, and one of them will be done once the varnishing is fully cured.

Today on "What's with Ory?!": I came home to my (admittedly badly ventilated) flat being at 80+F. Thank goodness I got a portable AC unit, it is quite intense tonight.

Broken bootleg records. They make you swell right round.

Sorry for the lack of activity, being very busy with a lot of woodworking these days~

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