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I didn't make a real earlier so hi!

I'm Detective, 24 and NB. My hair colour rarely stays the same!
I'm a furry artist, have been for a couple years! I love fashion, horror and super cute stuff.

I'm learning more about sewing and needle felt too along with my art.

I am:
ÔÜź a man
ÔÜź a woman
­čöś a bunny

looking for:
­čö│ a man
­čö│ a woman
ԜŴŞĆ carrots
ԜŴŞĆ the destruction of capitalism

school, rant 

im still so mad at my school for entirely changing how i have to submit my work. I've managed to put it how they want but giving us 2wks warning is a pisstake /:

I've had Detective for about 7 years now and his design hasn't changed aside from giving him an alternative hair colour and then later one of his back legs is a darker grey (which honestly I'm not sure I like anymore I might change it back to how he was originally.)

want to draw my own stuff
gotta draw for school project though ):

Gotta basically redo a lot of my video game report/justification because the exam board says it has to be formatted a certain way and school has only just either found out or only just told us (:

It's due on the 19th. What kinda clown shit is this

finished this sketch. it was fun i might try and develop a sketchier style more often!

finished this sketch. it was fun i might try and develop a sketchier style more often!

I gotta try and make a commission sheet to advertise.
I have none on my to do list at the moment so I gotta take some more ;w;

The non-binary urge to clamber upon a moonlit rooftop and scream in morse code

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