”i asked you for a dick pic and you replied with an article about the medicinal properties of essential oils” you rank low on the priority hierarchy of my life

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always interesting to see different ways of marking emphasis in text. i dont know where /this/ comes from but it makes intuitive sense even though ive grown up with *this* (or, rarely, [i]this/[i])

sorry did you call that your "fursuit"?? ummm sweaty i do not hear a fan rigged in there that's a fursauna

The only "magic" I'll be "gathering" is the miracles performed by our lord and savior Jesus Christ


@hyperlink can ur ears make music

can ur tongue cook

didnt think so

Open for a surprise 

AUDIO POV: dj casper of cha cha slide fame has taken you on a caving expedition and is really excited to show you an area deep inside the cave with a beautiful calming stream

just a warmup doodle with Lance to see if I still know how to use my graphics tablet or not lmao

sometimes you just gotta draw your fursona in a really cool pose

I honestly haven't been idly catching fish or bugs in ACNH because I don't want to deal with the tools breaking when I'm just having a good time

honestly being on masto has been a really interesting experience. i've been exposed to so many different things and different types of people/creatures that i otherwise would never have even heard of and thats honestly fantastic. i think even if i werent fed up with corporate social media this would be my favorite place on the web

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