Politics fandom poll 

Should Trump supporters be allowed in the furry fandom?

hot take arch is only for people that want to spend all of their free time yak trimming to make their perfect system and spiralling into insanity

*loud aggressive typing*

oh don't mind me, just trying to stalk my way into cybre.space

To da honorable staff membaz 

A friend of mine has just requested to join.

Rant, revolting content 

Furry Twitter is so, SO fucking stupid and disgusting.

Lockjaw murdering people getting dismissed as "drama". A black man who got called out for improper condom use, pursuing trans mascs and etc. photoshopping his victim's fursona's heads on trophies and misgendering the one who posted the giant takedown on him.

Minors being beyond ironically horny. People invalidating my amount of blackness for their agenda.

Fuck furry Twitter, (hu)man/otherkin/etc. I hate that place.

Damn, am I the only minor on here? Kind of lonely :blobfoxlaughsweat:

I like looking at the global mastadon feed and just seeing troves of OOC one-liner shitposts for no fucking reason

tired: singing "happy birthday" to yourself to time washing your hands for 20 seconds

wired: singing "rats, we're rats" instead

Furry Twitter is a shit show.

So, I think I'll be moving to Mastadon for a while because I just can't take it there.

I wish there was a intuitive Twitter/Mastodon client that acts like the official Twitter app, that'd be a dream

Sorry I haven't been on here often. Life is busy

RT and nobody will know which one you picked

I'm about to learn the raccoon anatomyyyyyyyyyy

RT @CrownlessCat@twitter.com

You suddenly transform into your fursona.

What is your immediate reaction?

🐦🔗: twitter.com/CrownlessCat/statu

My first day reflection of meow.social 

Joined meow.social thinking it'd just be furries talking about life and furry stuff.


Just Linux stuff.

That's it. That's the whole fucking instance.

hey, psst, you. yeah you. c'mere.

wanna hear something I'll never say again?

*whispers* I follow back.

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