*David Bowie voice*

🎶 Ch- ch- ch- chungus! 🎶

a pack of tiny bee wolves that lives in a hive

Using pennies is impractical because when you collect 100, instead of having a dollar, they become a 100 legged penny creature called a centapenny.

Climb to the top of Your Lungs Mountain and SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!!!

Make a giant paper mache briefcase from all the junk mail and hide inside of it to get to the source of the junk mail.


How do birds fly? Is it because of their naturally aerodynamic bodies? No. Birds are naturally buoyant because they are always high.

The real reason that people have been following your ass is that you have a hot booty and they want to roast marshmallows over it.

I went out west last month, and there were cacti, and now I want to go out west and live among the cacti!

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