*deep, booming voice, echoing through the house*

aaaaa omg ;___; look at how cute this ych of @wottermelon and I came out!! 🎈 it was drawn by @ jungabeast on twitter!

I had a dream that I drilled a hole into the top of a walking to stick to see ghosts, but instead saw three cartoon dragons who were offering people to turn them into cartoon dragons like them for $5.

found this outside of my school today, and several people from other schools in my city said they found some there too.

And that's when the fedora guy tipped his hat and greeted the lemon "m'lem"

Little Spongyface's face is becoming larger from sitting in the tub! Help!

I like hanging out with the bread. It's the loaf of the party.

♪Digi moms. Digital mothers. Digimom says it's bed time!♪

Imagine if inanimate objects had sequels like the movies do, and your lamp was replaced with a musical spin-off of lamps.

Roses are read
Violets are blue
My brain is asleep
And spellcheck is too

Just because bunny day is drawing nearer doesn't mean that I am or will dress as a bunny.

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