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...I am not immature... you are...

I am not a vegetable. I am not a kangarutabaga.

Hi. You're going to get pet by a kangaroo. *pets*

dressing up as a wizard whenever i fix computers and angrily shouting "THE WIZARD IS INSTALLING DRIVERS" whenever someone tries to question me

I have a nice tail. You know you want to pet my tail.

I feel so dysphoric and gross this morning.

I'd be flattered if one of my toots makes you spit out your coffee or squirt milk from your nose.

"Why won't you go out in public? Are you afraid of crowds?"
"No, my bellybutton just detaches and becomes the Hulk around people."

If they ever put another person on the moon, I'm going to drive down to a boardwalk and moon the moon. Then they will be mooned from the walk while they walk on the moon.

What are atoms but nucleus burritos wrapped in an electron shell tortilla?

Trick or treat
smell my paw
give me something good to gnaw

Imagine Groot in the form of a giant nose. "I am Snoot."

It looks like I will be driving nearly 1k miles in a few days.

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