Maybe the proper way to explore alien planets is in a giant hamster ball.

So what's the deal with airplane slime, amirite?

Trans Rights are Human Rights.

And you can bet this happy boy knows it!

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Imagine having an android friend who has a plug for a tail and whose butt glows when charging.

♪Digi moms. Digital mothers. Digimom says it's bed time!♪

me: "I'm mature and sophisticated."
also me: "Peaches look like butts! :333"

Look within to find yourself and hope there's not a note that says "be back in 5".

If you leave your toots under your pillow while you are awaken't, the toot fairy will leave things and stuff and take your toots.

I learned to play the clarinet in high school because I knew I could play better than Squidward.

2001: A Space Odyssey except HAL's lip reading is as good as YouTube's.

goat (goat goat), not to be confused with goat (grumpy coat) or goat (grape boat)

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