Brighten or ruin your mail carrier's day by putting a clown face decal in the back of your mailbox!

There were lots of wiggly rocks and cliffs and canyons and good food and there was always the smell of sage brush in the air.

It's been a while since I've been on, but I just got back from a vacation in New Mexico. It was awesome.

I want a tattoo of a check engine light on my forehead because I'm not alright under the hood.

I am a coyote and kangagoo and even a deer, but not a bunny unless you believe Kaylin.

Alcohol. Weed. 

My dog needs more activity, so I squished an avocado on her. You know, just guacin' the dog!


You like spending time inside? The outside is full of insides! :D

Everyone is talking about your neighborhood Spiderman, but who ever talks about your spiderhood Neighborman?

If you think about it, to make a fursona is an opportunity to step away from your physical body and examine your inner self... but in a fun cartoon animal form!

Either someone is flying a kite with several tails in the distance, or there is a squid swimming through the air... Hmmmm...

Did you hear about the lotion thief? They're a smooth criminal.

work (-) 

alcohol shitpost 

Vitamin bees are the most nutritious insect.

If I played the trumpet, I'd post pictures. I'd toot my own horn.

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