It's raining and a tiny little chickadee is trying to fly in through a closed window.

Recreational mathematics is a powerful drug.

the sequel to "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream"

is "I Feel Like Shit And I Must Smile"

Behold! Everything about the majestic coyote is triangular!
*camera zooms in*
*coyote opens mouth and emits triangle waves*

a god of death who sticks around for the free funeral reception food because not even a god of death can make a living wage

your phone likes to be touched like that... yes...yess....

Science has put an end to the whole paws vs maws thing! Behold! Maw beans!

All the skeletons be like "It is Wednesday, my doots."

*presses shift key*
"Your password is too short"

*sits on the table at a clinic"
*A timelord walks in wearing a stethoscope*
Ah, you must be the doctor.

noses that detach from faces in order to float around sniffing for you

What do you mean husbandry has nothing to do with pointing at big musclegut dragons and calling them my husband?

classical pasta served with ricotta and fugue

Say the word 69 at the exact moment that Santa is checking you on the list and he has to say nice.

lewd clown 

If you key smash you are a
❌ bottom
✅ cat walking across the keyboard

Kawaii is the cutest of the Hawaiian islands.

Coyote ingredients: Yips, yaps, screams, a burrito, partially hydrogenated paw bean oil, fluff.

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