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Kangaroo Hops @CoyoteWags@meow.social

could you imagine if mastodon became like a huge thing that media pays attention to

i think i'd frickin lose it if i heard the phrase "incriminating toots" said on live news tv

Are kangaroo murrsuiters "murrsuitials"?

Hello influx of folks from birdsite

I think I fooled bird site with pig latin

I really need to say this
That is all

*sticks kangaroo snoot into your masto feed and shitposts fly out of mouth to stick to your feed unable to be scrubbed off*

*slaps roof of fractal*
This bad boy can fit so many bad boys in it

People on bird site: Let's leave for Masto!
Me: I should get back to Mastodon!

I added just a pinch of pinch to this cookie recipe so that I could pinch your cute cheeks from the inside! >:3

When a bird steals your stuff, it's a birdglar.

What do you get when you cross a deer with a pecan? A doe nut.

Exactly half a year until Christmas! Now you can officially call those late gifts early!

Someone should walk around shirtless and say "I held a seance, and all I got was this lousy ghost of a T-shirt."

So, if you put pickles on top of a female deer, do you have a dill doe?

And now, the flight of the bumbleteeth! *Flight of the Bumblebee plays while tooth-shaped bees dislodge themselves from their hiding place in an old persons gums and start swarming*