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Kangaroo Hops @CoyoteWags@meow.social

Oh boy! I can't wait to chew off a sea urchin's ears! :D

Make a goat version of Beatlejuice and call him Bleatlejuice.

I lost my composure at the store, so I had to check customer service.

Well, it's not like a smeared the entire floor of your house with petroleum jelly!

Mollusks make excellent pets because no one will miss them when you eat them.

In order to kill off it's rivals, the health food store will glue vitamins all over itself and scream "organic!" repeatedly.

Hi, I'm a kangaroo, but I smell decidedly unlike pickles.

It's there a difference between an enchanted pickle and a haunted cucumber?

Enjoy toilet paper! Now in new portable flavor!

*disguises self as Texas* You don't want to mess with me!

Very Monday. So very much Monday.

That feeling when you are a trans woman and you lose your expensive electric razor and you want to scream obscenities from a mountain top.

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Hi, I'd like to order your food item, but can I get the vitamins on the side instead of in the item?

What flavor is this?
Uhhh... chunky flavored!

Just thought I'd share.
CW: birdsite/meme

Wasps are now to be called "sting fairies".