I've only been using Tumblr because of the porn... Well now is the time to make an after dark mastadon :bone:

Time to get the yuletide on with mulled wine. Go get a hot mug of that spiced goodness and a mince pie.

Welcome to Migos' pizza! Why not try our special today: Tandoori Thot

What are you gonna get your trans friends for Xmas?

Well I'm not gonna see friends for a while. The pokmons have their attention instead.. I guess I'll go finish Amorous...

I went to watch Venom and am disappointed as usual. I should probably just watch The Crow for the 100th time and save myself the bother.

I've missed being a giant doggo around people. is my Christmas

I'm not discussing Undertale 2. Just sharing a link...
I am filled with DETERMINATION

Sitting on a sofa is difficult when you have a tail.

Imma getting my Halloween on with friends, wine and jackbox.

I was a coffee snob, but I'm migrating to tea elitism to feel less caffeine-anxious and enjoy more flavours. Coffee syrups never did anything for me. ...hehe eli-tea-ism...

I am conflicted: am I more hyped for scotiacon or Halloween...

Things are about to get spooky.
🎨 @PudgeKitten from birdsite

I visited the town where I grew up today. Everything feels smaller now that I am so much bigger.

I've had my car for a while now but only just discovered that it has cruise control. This is going to make the long trip to scotiacon much more pleasant

I'm getting a raise from £21k to £24k($31k). So I can think about full suits again. I really want a duck...

@masanbol@snouts.online snouts looks like my kinda instance. How should I go about requesting a login?

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