Getting external input reminds me why I am not good at this stuff anymore--Inquiry is so easily interrupted or sidelined. The chance to get a response is then gone.

I have been experiencing another period of time with the Wait Problem coming up. One of the reasons I was so commitment-phobic was from me working with the problem, and therefore not making plans after a certain amount of accumulation of things in wait.

Accomplished something in-game and it pleases me. Getting myself to actually commit to "free time" is a challenge with the way things get timed on my workload.

Sidenote: Sandbox games and environments still appeal to me. I think that even though I no longer collaborate and talk creative shop with others, I still can say I like building stuff.

Its quite common that state and fed entities cant find me when I try and Do Something. Im surprised that the state of California actually found me within the timeline that they stated (2 weeks).

So, The System now recognizes my vaccination. Finally!

aaaannnnd Matterhackers bumps restock of my filament up until the 10th of Sept. Weeehhhhhh

Glad I have some MH Build filament left. At least I can continue experimenting on things. Can still print mask parts but, just going to have to be conservative about it.

Possible TMI, hashtag uses medical/psychological trigger 

The No-Care Wolf is awake. She would wonder why but that requires feeling that desire to wonder and ask questions. No-Care Wolf cannot see a need to take that kind of time.

Trying to think of a good way (program/app) to plot points on a very very large map. (130,000 x 130,000 grid, lets say). Does such a Freeware Linux Option exist. I tried using the Cartesian Grid addon for Inkscape but it looks like the grid size is too big. Tiled also didnt like that size either.

Believe me, I am kind of annoyed at the Florida thing. All the logic and places of wisdom you come at me with ....and then you go to Florida. Naw... I love you and all but none of us from this household are gonna risk seeing you for at least 3 weeks after you get back.

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Finding out that part of Stego's family is going to Florida. This is overlapping with the trip Stego is taking with his other family (complerely seperate side)

No way I can avoid the guesswork for Stego's trip because its already planned. Im looking into logistics to solve that. Finding out the other side of the family is going to Florida makes me go :-T

Stego says its time . I guess I need to start thinking about 3D things again (among the workload I have for income stuff). I will be "messing with the gods" in more ways than one.

Client has issued an "out of office" message. Glad to know they are going off feeling relaxed (as I work on price changes for their website, and some cross posting).

There is a small part of me that feels envy. She's going camping. *whines*

Y HELO THAR, California...Oh... yes... Registration. Dont mind me, Im a bit new here. I almost forgot the protocol.

*throws another piggie bank to the ground*

Today I do something..... different (well, its different to anyone who knows me well).

needle mention 

Im the messenger of price increases today. All the spreadsheets, numbers, formulas. Watching my client change the script in real time as supplies get scarce and logistics continues to worsen.

With work on some WGM updates, I will be the busy bee. *pops coffee into her IV*

Still in commitment avoidance because I dont want to add on any more to the follow-up hell and that thing where I am the one to be hit with the adverse result because of SOMEONE ELSE not listening.

Woken up in the middle of the night and yup.... here is one of those leftovers.

Hmm..... more of the marshmallow test for me. Do I deprive myself so I can save my skin til the end of the year.... or do I lean towards irresponsible?

I always lean towards the former and, if you think about it, I did buy two luxuries this year (like that new vacuum cleaner)

Fixing things in the digital space for a bit. Playing with the orders system inside the WGM site. Need to re-explore what kind of display I want, once the main part is over.

New life upgrade: Last week I bought my first vaccuum. First time getting a vacuum that I didnt salvage out of someone's refuse. I have never had a Dyson before. This thing looks llike it came from the future...

Nice having a vacuum that sucks again. Happiest housewife right now

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