I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Although Im still committed to the jackal... I shall be taking time for a weekend long Wordpress jam with fellow tech heads, builders, marketers, and builders. Maybe some actual teamwork will help boost my communication morale

Even when its easy for me to admit I am wrong, it was hard to own my shit and apologize today.

That is bc I got the brushoff. There was a delay of seeing this person to apologize properly. Social life: Make it make sense

Since I expect there to be more resistance from people when they see my lackadaisical mindset, I'm just going to point to these things to back my stance. Besides, it's all too often for people to get butthurt bc they cant see that you are simply saving your valuable time by not doing things at the pace they want.

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No incentive to really rush things with the vaccine. State systems, Rite AID and CVS are still lagging and dont let me book. Once I have resources (and time that I feel like sparing) I can try the waiting around at the end of the day or access a mass vaccine site

Seriously need a mold locker.... (sculptures, that is)

Getting back to where I can think about the aesthetics of this layout. Need to find a better way to scrap together the thinga I pick up and see over the years, design wise. Like my own pinterest (but without the SEO and attribution nightmare)

Well, I'm in a right state after last night. Despite my efforts to keep the routine, and try and stay awake until its done.... consequence still happened. *sigh* Why does this have to be a thing?

Weehhhh....*zombie shuffles around the room*


...because, there is no point trying to communicate with those that cant listen and will just make conclusions about you and your message, assuming shit and not asking.

While I will continue to work on myself, I am not going to take the blame for other peoples bullshit that they dont wanna own.

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... Had to explain that I have actually tried different approaches, including me reluctantly trying to speak loud enogh and make sure I dont get talked over. Me "talking at" people is basically the end result of that. Told him that this is why I dont talk as much and let certain communication needs of mine fall away.

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So, when you call a person out re:talking at people, and saying they need to fix themselves... showing a little compassion would have been better this morning. Had to rehash some experiences I have had where I had to deal with communication issues in other people. Explained to Stego that I did speak with them and had already made sure I was concise and not talking at them. ...

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Like, people seem to state that its on you if people didnt listen because "you just have to be louder" . Yet at the same time, articles and books I research say that if you are *too* aggressive, it makes people shut thier ears off. (which I think makes sense).

I hope that my statements in response got through to Stego. He needs to understand that, with people that talk at you, alot of times its common for them to do it BECAUSE they get ignored, talked down to and talked over so much.

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The thing that Stego jumped on me for was to say that I talk AT people (despite me being good about that for a good many years). What I think people dont get is: there is actually socialization things told to us that encourage the idea of talking over people.

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argument so Im CWing in case its -mh 

Had an outburst today after one too many "people creating obstacles in front of me" incodents. Stego told me I was in a mood and so I decoded that a conversation needed to be had, esp when Im getting called out for things as a result of other people not owning thier part of things.

I got to bring up some of the communication and social things that are creating issue. I think that part got across.

So... I know why the puzzle piece is a poor representation for autism. I understand some of the rhetoric that stereotypes, belittles, or infantilizes autistic people.

So.... are there any symbols, sayings or philosophies that the autism community embraces?Id like to make sure Im thoughtful about iconography in my graphic and logo design.

Damn.... stupid dogs and their stupid tongue faces. They have taken over this Mastodon instance

For those of you who do giveaways or other neat things for your community, do you have some good tips on randomizer/lottery style name selection?

I'd like to create a form to collect a basic email address and name. Than I can choose a new person random (names out of a hat). The trouble comes when I realize that people could register for that under two different email addresses just to have a higher chance. How do I keep it fair by making sure it is one entry per person?

Since we want to go back to "normal" so quick...this is a very valid questuon: twitter.com/hiddentruths80/sta

( I did skim through the comments here, and while I did not see ableist comments, there's always a chance. So, heads-up)

Just a real eye-roller to get the "We carefully reviewed your skills and qualifications and have decided to move forward with another candidate for the position." I know its like talking to a brick wall but I did it anyway.... Get tired of people warping something for their own reality and then using that to pass onus/escape accountability.

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