Fun thoughts about smut writing 

Ah, going through my playlist of league of legends songs while writing this fanfic, and then all of the Bilgewater tracks come on.

I don't wanna write horny anymore, I wanna sail the seas and dive into a krakens' gullet just to come out the victor. Dragging its body to shore to get my 20 serpent pieces!

Summer's coming around in Melbourne; it would be an awful time to have a drought, but our climate is not going to get better with everything that's going on.

Keep some extra water bottles around just in case, there's a chill in the air.

You can just straight-up make an uber eats account with little to no verification so you could later rob someone. convenience for the customer in place for the safety of the worker

F-list stuff 

I just made a profile on F-list, not sure where to start or what to do. Funky blue, tho.


I still got a Taric x Aurelion sol from league of legends in the back burner for my fanfic writing. I got a couple of notes down on my phone if anyone wants to see.

Warning, very sexy.

Horny writing 

I'm gonna do some writing now, hopefully I'll have something quick finished by tonight.

What about? I dunno. What characters? I dunno. Can I go to the bathroom? I dunno, CAN YOU!

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leftpol gripes 

I wish my patience didn't fall through the floor but leaving left-y Telegram spaces that talk the talk but freely leave folks stanning for Malthusianism and lending credibility to QAnon conspiracy theories alone has me side-eying several people who would otherwise gladly call themselves a comrade.

Can we get a bot that tracks the amount of people who died to 'comulism'?

Time to greet the day by kicking it in the balls.

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9 out of 10 dentists recommend i stop emailing their wife

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FFXIV, In-Game Brothel, Emotional Abuse (?) 

Multi-post thread.

So I'm officially done with the brothel I was working at in FFXIV. A while back the owner told me they have feelings for me. Like, I'm flattered, but I have a girlfriend, so I relegate it to an in-game relationship.

I dunno, I think 'frat boy' being used to describe everything might be the height of my comedy.

Today I learnt that 'frat boy' may not be as funny to say out of context. I mean it is a lil' bit funny. Maybe funnier than I should give it credit for.

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who would you choose to read your toots apps aloud? i would choose a gentle breeze

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Transformation kink-fueled tangant 

A 'trigger' is also something added to my 'transformation proficiency' (which is far less exciting than it sounds).

The thing that starts the change, which also doubles as the changes' kink (slime/goo for example). Encourage stranger depictions of triggers to really build up the pool (the hoop pandemic is something I'm loving).

I'm on the 'explore all elements of the change' camp. But obviously that would take far more planning to make work. And that's lame!

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