@art @pixelfed Too bad it failed to briefly explain the whole federation aspect. It mentioned how the next available server open for signups didn't have a lot of people, but didn't mention that you could still follow people or be followed by people by the server larger pixelfed server too, so the size didn't matter much.

@BlurTheFur @art @pixelfed
I did a usability testing session with a complete Fediverse novice last year and watched them try to sign up for an account starting from They failed miserably and got stuck in a loop (Dan I sent the details to your Mastodon inbox).

It’s really hard to join a server from the main site, yet alone understand how federation works at the moment, so I empathise with the author.

@art @BlurTheFur @pixelfed does a lovely job of helping users join a server in my opinion. I’ve also been chatting with the folks over at Bonfire about how we could get users to set up their own instance without any technical knowledge. I’d really love to see this high technical literacy barrier removed for people to access Pixelfed and the Fediverse in general.

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