Heya! I'm BlurTheFur or Blur. My sonas are a toon (Hif) and a wyvern (Vern).
He/Him pronouns

I'm furry and kink artist. I draw stuff like Macro/micro, Vore, Pooltoy, Hyper, toons, and fantasy art. And probably other stuff not listed here. Kinks are with tags/CW, of course!
I stream on Thursdays and like doing things to support the fandom!

I'm also a musician and lover of video game music and classical music, mostly. I play a couple of instruments, but my favorite is the piano.

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Things I post about:

- Art I make
- Streaming
- Comm openings
- The furry fandom
- Volunteering
- Kinks (Macro/micro and vore mostly)
- Neat music (VGM, classical, 80s rock)
- Lucid dreaming
- Ducks and geese I visit
- Physical health (I have autoimmune issues)
- Mental health (autoimmune again, ADD, schizoid tendencies)

I'm also poly and demi/pan, but it doesn't come up much here.

@BlurTheFur I remember seeing you at the last wtfur, I was the one that brought the bass and tiny amp

I was impressed by your keys skills, when I learned that you were also an artist I admired, it became doubly so :>

@BigHisses Oh wow! That was quite a while ago! I'm afraid I don't remember you specifically (There was a lot of people!), but I do remember that room/panel with the instruments and someone there by the keys. That was a fun time ^^

@BlurTheFur it was! Hopefully some time down the line there will be other chances for music stuffs :>

@levi I stream over on Twitch at every Thursday at 6PM ET!
I also stream on Picarto occasionally to work on NSFW comm stuff, but no set schedule for that.

@BlurTheFur Awesome, was already following on Picarto but gave you a follow on Twitch as well ❤️

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