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Oh, totally forgot to take my vitamin D yesterday. Whoops. That explains the low energy and low feels

Hmm, I might need a bit more sleep actually...

Think I'll be able to open for commissions this Friday. Will post more info soon. ^^

Forgot to make this screen reader friendly!
It's my macro sized buff dragon boyfriend ThornDracorn holding my wyvern sona Vern who is considerably smaller against his chest ^^

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Happy !
When you're both dragon boyfriends, you get to spend the day appreciating eachother 💙

Old art, but that one gets a boost for still being a lovely concept <3
Also I get to appreciate a lovely dragon boyfriend :3

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Macro, destruction, unless..? 

In Good Hands [2015]

Old gift art for my boyfriend, ThornDracorn. A good dragon in good hands~

#macro #micro #furry #furryart

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Year of the Tiger #ych avatars~

🐯 $25 each
🐯 Any character/species
🐯 Flat color (possible accent shading)
🐯 Unlimited slots

Reserve slots with this form:


Wordle 211 

Wordle 211 4/6


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Wordle 210 

Wordle 210 5/6


Almost used a deodorant/antiperspirant that I'm allergic to. Close call!
I generally just get regular deodorants and don't sweat too much, but this one smelled nice too so I grabbed it. Only realised it was an antiperspirant too when I got home. I'm glad I had the random sense to check the ingredients. I'm allergic to talc and would have broke out in crazy rashes.

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