Not sure what I did differently but feeling weirdly good today

The new Animaniacs is everything I wanted and more

COVID, parties 

It's wild to me when I hear about people having friends inviting them to parties (birthday/Halloween/etc).
I can't imagine tolerating any friends who'd be so insensitive and reckless.

Definitely gonna continue wearing masks even after the pandemic has passed, especially during the cold months. It's actually cozy. Like a small, helpful scarf.

Basically, last day where the weather will be nice enough to bring home additional plants
🌾 🌿 🌱

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Today's the last beautiful day of the year. Then it's all downhill from here.

Covid's probably a big part to blame. Can't really go out and see anyone so restlessness and irritability is probably setting in.

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It feels weirdly like being a kid needing space from their family too? Like, I don't really want them to follow me along. I wanna hang with different folks. Much like not wanting a sibling to tag along with your friends.

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One consistent problem with the usual group is we while we're all good friends, I don't really share my biggest interests in common with any of them. Things get stagnant.

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Thinking I need a nice break from my usual social group. Been making a lot of new friends, so that's been nice.

I'm in a discord call and everyone is drunk and making horrible puns and it's great

I had chestnuts for the first time today, so guess that means I've failed

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pooltoy vore, cannabis 

Don't mind me, just hangin' out with a @Remy in my tummy

Art by @BlurTheFur

Streamed for 14 1/2 hours yesterday. Not sure where the energy came from, but it was fun!

Also forgot to link it here. :V
Next time!

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Alright, so it looks like a lot of folks are going to need new instances since the place where I used to do my (often very 18+) furryposting is now shutting down. This thread ain't about the current fediverse meta, but each toot will instead be a brief description of each of the potential instances someone could go to after announced that they will be shutting down. Please don't bring up the meta untagged on this thread with your replies.


Doing a drunk stream soon 👀

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