trans/kinphobia (+) 

Multiple columns always felt so closed in and uncomfortable. Also overwhelming. Same reason I didn't like Tweetdeck despite its extra features.

Holy crap, I didn't know Masto had a mode that used a single column.
This was literally my biggest issue with the site.

Really wanna get TemTem, but maybe next week when a lot of the early issues have calmed down.

Health ~ 

Health ~ 

Admittedly hesitant to check the fedi though >.>

Have a few errands to run today so I'll have to watch the Nintendo Direct later. At least I can count on Mastodon for spoiler warnings!

Apartment thing, mh 

Apartment thing, mh 

Man, I miss being in the video game music scene.With MAGfest going on, I was definitely reminded. Definitely gonna have to head out there next year.

idk man, I thought the new Contrapoints video was pretty good

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