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Heya! I'm BlurTheFur or Blur. My sonas are a toon (Hif) and a wyvern (Vern).
He/Him pronouns

I'm furry and kink artist. I draw stuff like Macro/micro, Vore, Pooltoy, Hyper, toons, and fantasy art. And probably other stuff not listed here. Kinks are with tags/CW, of course!
I stream on Thursdays and like doing things to support the fandom!

I'm also a musician and lover of video game music and classical music, mostly. I play a couple of instruments, but my favorite is the piano.


Full of burgers and friendship :9

Really excited to see my boyfriend again. :3
5 more hours. 💙

Dude beside me on the bus is huge and has fallen asleep and is resting his heavy arm on me.
But I will leave him sleep lol

People sure love coming here to complain about people on twitter :blobcatthinking:

Busing busing busing busing 🚌
Busing makes me feel good 🎶

Reposted with permission because I think it'd be of interest to folks here since I think Jonathan and Sasha's community has been doing really important work behind the scenes.
If you're unable to attend, they are also recording the talk and hoping to publish it online.

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Heading to but wondering what to do about current events? Join Jonathan Vair
and Sasha R. Jones for this illustrated talk, "How Can We Organize in the Furry Fandom?"

Fri. 8PM DLCC316

Link to event:

ph + 

Tiredness aside, my physical health has been pretty good lately. Very little inflammation, pain, fevers, or other issues. Here's hoping I can keep this trend going

:boost_requested: moneybeg, boosts appreciated 

my job scheduled me for 3 shifts for all the month of july. my resume is already being looked at by a nearby hotel, but i will keep applying.

if you want to help me stay stable while I find somewhere else, please lend me a kofi

thank you

(ive also considered doing commissions but i have personal doubts and would appreciate you just yelling if think i can do them)

macro, planet vore, fatfur 

Won a sketch from the lovely @BlurTheFur of Yari being big, smug, and hungry. Gosh is it a wonderful piece. Say, you didn't need those planets did you?

Ooh, "Parasite" is on Netflix. 👀
Never got around to seeing it back when it was in theatres but heard nothing but good things!


It's today so I might treat myself to a poutine to celebrate. :ms_yum:

:boost_ok: uspol, helpful list of abortion orgs 

Here are abortion fund groups in every state, if you want to help in a meaningful way, this is a start

roe v wade, PSA, very important 


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