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I wonder with the introduction of hexagon nft avatars (aka punch-me signs) on twitter if that'll be another push for a wave of people to migrate to mastodon again

We don't talk about Bruno no no no 🎵

Can't wait until Spring so I can go back to taking morning walks over to the river to feed the geese and ducks. 🦆

Spreading this outside of birdsite because the fedi deserves it too

Saw someone refer to the 2020s as the "Screaming 20s" and you know, that sounds about right.

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Update: Blasting music is helping a little bit.

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Having a not so good mental health day. Not quite sure what to do about it. Pretty much covered all the self-care basics. Sleep is kind of appealing but feel like I've done a lot of that lately.
Think I'll just have to wait it out. Sometimes that's all you can do.

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Oh, totally forgot to take my vitamin D yesterday. Whoops. That explains the low energy and low feels

Hmm, I might need a bit more sleep actually...

Think I'll be able to open for commissions this Friday. Will post more info soon. ^^

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