Realised I haven't really had motivation issues in a long while now. The only thing literally inhibiting me these days is inconsistent health.

NSFW, Macro, pooltoy, hyper 

This bat's got extra squeak
...among other extra things

Soft shaded commission for Kurrikage

"Beast of the End"

Fanart piece from the series Re:Zero, commissioned by Dyeddurian

Currently downloading Octopath Traveler that a friend gifted me. Heard nothing but great things and the soundtrack is beautiful 💙

Kink mention + 

Was having a miserable night last night but it was redeemed by a wonderfully vivid plant vore lucid dream 💚

Painted icon for ArchmageEternal of his fire elemental yeen, Keset!

- sad feels, low energy 

Sad feels at my autoimmune issues. I hate my lack of energy. I hate how it takes away from my ability to keep in contact with friends and socialise. Or how I do so little in a day. I'm ghosting so many people.
I'm an optimistic and pragmatic person but sometimes this shit just builds up and eats at me and it fucking sucks.

Macro, paws 

The rumbling of a rolling storm... or is it something greater among the clouds?

Painting commission for ArchmageEternal

Not sure what I did differently but feeling weirdly good today

The new Animaniacs is everything I wanted and more

COVID, parties 

It's wild to me when I hear about people having friends inviting them to parties (birthday/Halloween/etc).
I can't imagine tolerating any friends who'd be so insensitive and reckless.

Definitely gonna continue wearing masks even after the pandemic has passed, especially during the cold months. It's actually cozy. Like a small, helpful scarf.

Basically, last day where the weather will be nice enough to bring home additional plants
🌾 🌿 🌱

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Today's the last beautiful day of the year. Then it's all downhill from here.

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