macro pov 

Surprise commission for Technoplatypus!

(Also, I love this character)

mh+, father's day 

My siblings and I got him a charcoal grill and we all had a nice BBQ together. Aside from some last minute planning, the whole thing was really stress free.

We really don't owe him anything at this point and our relationship with him is still pretty detached, so this is mostly for his benefit, but it was admittedly nice to have a bit of normalcy back.

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mh+, father's day 

So, yesterday was honestly the most pleasant father's day I've experienced in... who knows how long.
I don't have the best history with my dad and he was responsible for a lot of abuse and trauma growing up.
This was the first time I didn't have anxiety attacks and nightmares leading up to father's day.
Really should have gotten on medication sooner, tbh. I can't believe how much it's helped.

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Game bundle in support of Black Lives Matter 

I'm in it. All the money goes to BLM and the National Bail Fund Network.

Pass it on.

horny, weird 

My libido has been through the roof lately. It feels odd to be feeling this way with the chaos of everything going on in the world right now.
I think it's my body's weird, protective way of trying to calm me down in a stressful situation, because I've definitely had this kind of reaction before.

lewd werewolf dream 

This is like, super basic furry, but yeah. Still thinking about it. haha

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lewd werewolf dream 

Got fucked by a huge, handsome werewolf in my dream last night. He was about three times my size. Took the knot and everything. Got fucked four times. It was really, really nice. Even felt the dick bulge in my stomach.
Also, huge werewolves give great cuddles.

Pool toy, Macro/micro, vore 

An inflatable with a great view~

Soft shaded commission for JazzOtter and WolfPupTK

ACNH, turnips+ 

Turnips selling for 568 right now. Dodo code: MB6TW
Gate will stay open for ~hour

The mighty dragon, Gargantua, looks proudly over his domain.

Painting commission for ThornDracorn

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this would be considered too unsubtle for environmental storytelling in a fps

Why go outside when you can bring the outside INSIDE?

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Propagated my pothos plant recently and now I have TWO.
Excited for when I get to double them again.
And again.
And again.
🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱

Uhh... game seems to be stuck on the loading screen? Don't know what that's about.

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