Wonder what is going on at the River Spirit Casino tonight. Traffic was moderate on the Riverparks East Cycleway, with people pulled onto the shoulder looking for an available parking stand. Racks full.

OK, was looking up something unrelated but I saw this and I was like, "OK, that bicycle lane is not complaint". Most states, Oregon included, measures lane widths from the gutter pan. 20 years ago when I regularly used that bicycle lane, that bicycle lane was 6 feet wide from the gutter pan. Now it looks to be 3 or 4 feet wide.

Equal odds this happened because they were broke or because they were bored. Sadly, 20 years, 0 improvement. Springwater Corridor wasn't great in the 90s, gone downhill since.


Just bicycle people problems: Get done with about as many chores as I can stand, then remember, "Oh, crap, my bicycle's like, 3 months and 1000km overdue for an oil change"

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