@Ingavar_Khaos Also relevant, Americans will measure using *anything* to avoid using the system. Including what a raccoon can squeeze through, apparently.

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When you open a whole season of TV, and VLC decides you want to speedrun the whole season by watching every episode in parallel, as opposed to enqueuing it.

Heh, loving the new livery. It's lightyears better than the 2002 "Polka Dot" livery, and pays a nice homage to the classic 1980 "Stripes" and 1971 "Portland Orange" liveries (which they've also brought back for their 50th Anniversary).

Hahhahahha. Oh wait, you're serious? Let me laugh even harder now. AHHAHAHHHAHAGGGAGGAA!

I think this is the only dedicated bus lane in . It only runs the length if this pseudo-BRT station.

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