Have you ever sent a fax?

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@scearley I used to work in an office that needed to send documents that could be accepted by courts and signed faxes are accepted

@wolfie I worked for a company that used to accept signed documents by fax. Until I pulled the company layer aside in the print room, grabbed a copy of a document he previously signed, cut a printout of text saying that I had unlimited PTO authorized, taped it over the original text of the document, then faxed the doctored document from one of our fax machines to the other, and showed him the result.

We started requiring courier delivered, notarized documents only after that.

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@BalooUriza I'm in the UK and it was the civil service, the only time anyone was done for faking a fax was when they backdated a court document, but they didn't amend anything just printed out and signed it with a previous date to try and fake that it had met a court deadline

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