I tend to read the timeline chronologically, not reverse chronologically. I don't get why this is a hard thing to do in the web interface and most clients.

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Did you try that? It wasn't exactly what I wanted as it still jumps to the most recent vs the oldest.
"Slow mode
Hide timeline updates behind a click instead of automatically scrolling the feed"

@gemlog Doesn't let me pick up where I left off reading last. @AndStatus does when it doesn't randomly lose my place. And insists on the same "newest first" order even though nobody freaking reads that way. Oldest first, so I'm not having to read backwards every paragraph, for the love of sanity.

@BalooUriza @AndStatus That's why it didn't work for me either. I thought I was somehow unique in wishing to read in that order!

@gemlog Now when I'm somewhere that I can use Github (blocked at work, and near unusable on mobile) I might check to see if there is an issue open for this.

@gemlog OK, so there is a bug already open on this but the latest thing really *done* to it was @Gargron tagging it . github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ Wonder if we can get this thing to get some traction along with "Mark as Read" in github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

I don't use that one. I mostly use the web version on my pc and sometimes fedilab on my devices.
I would LOVE a syncthing that remembered my place across devices and clients, but more would really be the simple need to read unread posts chronologically. Same as I do in my email client. Posts are sorted oldest unread first, so I read the 'story' and lead ins.
I follow a max# of ppl and I want to read all they post. No drinking for the firehose for me.

@gemlog @Gargron I mean something specific to the web interface right now, but would potentially have some upswing for other clients.

Really want to read English left to right, downwards a web page. So for updates, latest post at _bottom_ of web page.

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