@AndStatus It would be great if selecting a timeline didn't open a new instance of said timeline, but reopen the already opened instance of it. Nothing like hitting the back button and getting my bookmark bounced around by increasingly old duplicates of the same timeline.

@baloouriza Currently #AndStatus uses Android's native way to handle the stack of activities thus allowing a user to move backwards just like in any other Android app. Changing this would surprise a user...
I think that what you really want is that a Timeline in the stack would be automatically updated and re-positioned to the latest viewed position on its opening during the User's navigation "back" - currently a Tímeline from the backstack usually shows outdated information.
Please note that navigation to the Default Tímeline currently clears the whole activities stack thus allowing you to return to the beginning in one tap. I usually do this exactly to avoid long return using the Android stack.
Just set the Default Tímeline properly...

@andstatus The problem is when you open and close the app several times between different timelines. Going back then goes back through increasingly old views instead of the expected behavior of going to where you left off in the default timeline. Worse, where you left off appears to get reset whenever you look at a timeline, so going back also moves your bookmark unintentionally.

@baloouriza I got you, I need to make sure that in a case a User navigates "back", the Timeline appeared (from the Android stack") should be updated as if it was just opened. This will lead to the Timeline loading delay though, but will ensure the content is up to date.
@baloouriza I implemented this (two lines of code changed for this). Really helpful to see the content and timeline position up to date. I'm wondering why I didn't do this before...
Will be released in #AndStatus v.50.05+
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