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I tend to read the timeline chronologically, not reverse chronologically. I don't get why this is a hard thing to do in the web interface and most clients.

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I may be prone to posting in old threads. Using an offline Mastodon client means if I'm bored and offline at the same time, I might just pick up where I left off on the Federated timeline.

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Apologies in advance, my phone may firehose the timeline if I've been away from wifi connectivity for a while.

Virginia screws itself, considers eliminating shoulders and compromising safety to give room for reversible I 95 lanes without pissing off the private operator they gave the real reversible lanes to.

montage -font FreeSans-Bold -strokewidth 3 -stroke black -fill white -pointsize 80 -gravity south \( 1.jpg -annotate 0 LINKEDIN \) \( 2.jpg -annotate 0 FACEBOOK \) \( 3.jpg -annotate 0 INSTAGRAM \) \( 4.jpg -annotate 0 TINDER \) -tile 2x2 -mode Concatenate dc.jpg # From the Dolly Challenge on the birdsite. I'd love to see yours and you can share by tagging with #MadewithCLImagic

A point I've heard from doctor friends who are urging people to not panic:

The flu still has a much higher lethality rate than the #coronavirus .

If you're panicking... Get your flu shot, my dudes

How anyone can think it's "Good" that a game is being taken away from a platform where people purchased it, spent money in-game and more is beyond me.

When did people become so hostile to the fun of others?

furries.....with butt-tabs for their tails 👀i'm told this is called "fur-gonomics" in some circles

#mastoart #furry #furryart

US politics 

politics, transphobia, angry yelling 

Thanks for the warning but I run Linux which is not vulnerable to the coronavirus

Frustratingly (but not shockingly) two of the three dialup modems I've gathered so far have issues.

One did work, then stopped talking over serial.

The other appears to be deaf and doesn't detect the dial tone. When configured to receive, it never answered.

So, if anyone has a serial dialup modem gathering dust, please let me know!


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