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I tend to read the timeline chronologically, not reverse chronologically. I don't get why this is a hard thing to do in the web interface and most clients.

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I may be prone to posting in old threads. Using an offline Mastodon client means if I'm bored and offline at the same time, I might just pick up where I left off on the Federated timeline.

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Apologies in advance, my phone may firehose the timeline if I've been away from wifi connectivity for a while.

Sorry for the Dutch article, but it appears that more and more companies in the Netherlands are experimenting with a 4 day workweek for the same pay! Hopefully this will become the new normal. 🙌

I don't think I can ever go back to working 5 days a week. It's not worth it.

#OSM Awards 2020. Once again, it is time to round up everybody who has done anything good
for the #OpenStreetMap map and community, and honour their work with an award:

A comic. A man steps in shit, and exclaims such. He checks his foot, and we see that he has twitter written on the sole of his shoe.

transit, mild gripes about cars 

one of the worst things about anti-bus sentiment is that it results in more cars on the road, reducing the efficiency and speed of buses (and with no real benefit to car drivers), which only exacerbates the problem further!

uspol, nevada caucus results 

oh, if you're wondering what the republican caucus results are?

they were cancelled and trump got all the delegates because the RNC is rigging its election to get trump nominated over other challengers

As the chairman of the Nevada Republican Party, my job is to ensure not only President Trump’s victory in Nevada but also to elect more Republicans down the ballot. It would be malpractice on my part to waste money on a caucus to come to the inevitable conclusion that President Trump will be getting all our delegates in Charlotte

- Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald

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Want to be a good capitalist? It's easy. Give your capital to the people who produced it.

Bob's workers built his company into an entity worth $25 million (estimated). Now instead of selling it, his employees will run it.

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The Bob's Red Mill guy gave his company to his employees. Hell yeah

#xkcd #gammaTest Ringtone Timeline - No one likes my novelty ringtone, an audio recording of a phone on vibrate sitting on a hard surface. - Mon, 24 Feb 2020 05:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

stonetoss is a fascist comic, gun violence 

wtf I love the 2nd amendment now

(service) dog 

Still editing yesterday's #ANE2020 pictures, but here, have a picture of a dog cosplaying as a dog

🇺🇸 Politics 

Heads up voters registered independent that requested a ballot for the primary voting absentee: If you only received the state question ballot and no primary ballot, you need to contact county elections and bring it to their attention *BEFORE* you vote. Many independents voting absentee have not received their requested open primary ballot.


Dem Debate 

CBS This Morning is talking about how won the debate last night, and complaining how and aren't "tested". Never mind that Bloomberg only got into politics after 9/11 and Sanders has been in elected office continuously since about three months before I was even conceived.

Seeing as we have so many new users the past few weeks, let me mention that development of Mastodon and hosting of is not funded by venture capital or ads, but through crowdfunding:


And for certain tiers of support, your name or your company's logo is listed on our sponsors page:

I'm proud of Wreck-It-Ralph who only just got on the internet and already has a fursona.

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