🇺🇸 Politics 

Heads up voters registered independent that requested a ballot for the primary voting absentee: If you only received the state question ballot and no primary ballot, you need to contact county elections and bring it to their attention *BEFORE* you vote. Many independents voting absentee have not received their requested open primary ballot.


Dealing with network printing on Windows 10 reminds me that it's a 64 bit recompile of 32 bit adaptations of a 16 bit mashup of two obsolete 8 bit operating systems written by a 2 bit company that wouldn't know 1 bit about good software if it bit em in the hand.

When you open a whole season of TV, and VLC decides you want to speedrun the whole season by watching every episode in parallel, as opposed to enqueuing it.

If I could figure out how to download or buy this, I'd totally make it a part of my flight/road trip playlists.


Scraping meta 

My take?

* What the researchers in Milan did is pretty shitty, lacks ethical research, and they should have known better. I see Harvard has already pulled the data as unusable due to lack of consent and personally identifiable information.

* Of course it was going to get scraped. Every social network ever gets scraped, broken into or otherwise compromised.

* Either practice good OPSEC or get comfortable with having nothing to hide because it's already out there.

Waking up and right now, it's warm, windy and foggy, and we're expecting thunderstorms turning to thunderice before turning into a blizzard, so we are under:

* A fog advisory
* Fire weather warning
* Flash flood watch
* Winter weather warning
* Winter storm watch
* Thunderstorm watch

So we really only need an earthquake, tornado and plane crash and we can potentially complete the Sim City disaster pantheon today.

Hey, , do you have a minute?

Can you check your part of town and see if notes in your part of town are still relevant or if you can update information?


🇺🇸 Politics 

has been impeached.


Personally, for myself and all my brothers and sisters, truly hope that he is not removed from office until Mike Pence also has been.

🇺🇸 Politics 

Listening to Rep Collins (R) talking about how the Democrats should watch their back because some day a Democrat will be in the white house and they'll have the majority and they won't like to be on the receiving end of what's happening.

I'm just thinking, Uuh, dude, you were 33 years old when your party impeached someone for having a blowjob. You *already* impeached someone for far less than what tonight's is about.

🇺🇸 Politics, homelessness (+) 

has just allowed the 9th Circuit ruling to stand in regards to sleeping outdoors. So, this effectively decriminalizes homelessness. Now to get people housed again…


Steal a "do not tap the glass, it disturbs the animals" sign from the zoo. Clandestinely install it to a window at the airport.

Block recommendation 

inditoot.com - gab fed, "free speech" , no prohibition on discriminitory or bigoted content.

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