Me: "Ok, I know how to handle multiple kinds of speed limits concurrently and can tag that"
Oregon DOT: LOL

Just mapped the infamous Cabbage Hill in Oregon on . Mostly. I'm totally baffled on how to tag the speed advisories on that descent, though.

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I've been asleep almost all day. I think I'm gonna go back to sleep.

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Funny moment of pride:

has a better idea of Oklahoma's highways than does.

has a *far, far* better idea than does.

It's basically impossible to use google maps in Oklahoma without just being stupid lucky.

Contemplating brunch, wondering if GrubHub is open today.

Will #facebook shut down (or be shut down) in 5 years? 10? More? You just know it will inevitably happen, just a question of time. Users have zero control over when it dies as they're just guests. I've just donated to Diaspora. #deletefacebook

Got some barbeque. Worst part about this is with the barbeque in Oklahoma? You'll just be hungry again an hour later.

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Alpenrose, by the way, is huge into cycling, owning and operating one of the few Olympic size velodromes in the United States. So, having a shitload of the locals riding around with Alpenrose branded mudflaps made sense.

I'm suddenly wondering if plastic single-serving Alpenrose milk bottles still come with screw lugs on either side that can be punched out. Back when I lived in , Alpenrose Dairy did this for a long time so you could split the bottle, then screw the halves to the ends of your bicycle fenders as mudflaps. The bottles were the perfect size for this.

Waking up emotionally tired today for some reason.

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