Every few minutes, the flood sirens start up again for a couple minutes. It's a rather haunting sound now that it's starting to get dark out.

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JUST IN: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Native American rights in a 5-4 decision in a case out of Wyoming.

The court held that hunting rights for the Crow tribe under a 19th Century treaty did not expire when Wyoming became a state.

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We're still dry for now, hopefully the river doesn't go up further.

I'm gonna try to get some sleep, hopefully I don't wake up to sirens

is now under a mandatory evacuation and there's concerns a runaway barge can hit the dam upstream and cause damage to it.

Here's a good reason why you shouldn't drive into standing water: Spot the open manhole.

Just so everyone is aware (it was one of the first things I looked up when I moved here and the page is still up), this is what the sirens sound like: cityoftulsa.org/residents/publ

: OHP and TPD are asking people to please stay away from the river if you don't need to go down there and do not stop on bridges to gawk at the flooding. You are delaying emergency response and snarling traffic.

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