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I tend to read the timeline chronologically, not reverse chronologically. I don't get why this is a hard thing to do in the web interface and most clients.

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I may be prone to posting in old threads. Using an offline Mastodon client means if I'm bored and offline at the same time, I might just pick up where I left off on the Federated timeline.

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Apologies in advance, my phone may firehose the timeline if I've been away from wifi connectivity for a while.

Sorry for the Dutch article, but it appears that more and more companies in the Netherlands are experimenting with a 4 day workweek for the same pay! Hopefully this will become the new normal. πŸ™Œ

I don't think I can ever go back to working 5 days a week. It's not worth it.

#OSM Awards 2020. Once again, it is time to round up everybody who has done anything good
for the #OpenStreetMap map and community, and honour their work with an award:

A comic. A man steps in shit, and exclaims such. He checks his foot, and we see that he has twitter written on the sole of his shoe.

"emsenn why do you spell things the british way"

i started playing the discworld MUD, an all-text MMORPG written mostly by Brits, using British English, when I was /seven/.

It's really influenced my reading skills. And I like that so I like to spell things that way.

Sometimes it's to be precise to myself, fixing a sink is labor, but i am in the labour class. *shrug*

why not make my written language custom-fit, y'know?

Taking a couple of icon commissions starting at $35 each! If you're interested, hit me up in a DM.

transit, mild gripes about cars 

after getting to know @Manik in person this weekend i wanted to draw the two of us together to commemorate the fun time we had. And It's #MastoMonday so why not share it?

uspol, nevada caucus results 

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Want to be a good capitalist? It's easy. Give your capital to the people who produced it.

Bob's workers built his company into an entity worth $25 million (estimated). Now instead of selling it, his employees will run it.

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The Bob's Red Mill guy gave his company to his employees. Hell yeah

pol shitpost 

Chicago has done what Minnesota municipal public works departments seem to think is impossible: create/maintain protected pedestrian AND bike infra during building construction.

#xkcd #gammaTest Ringtone Timeline - No one likes my novelty ringtone, an audio recording of a phone on vibrate sitting on a hard surface. - Mon, 24 Feb 2020 05:00:00 -0000 - #poweredByAwk

I await the day that Wine stops creating file type associations (MIME-types) by default, without asking. It will make using Linux a lot easier for beginners who decide they need Wine. I doubt everybody wants their text files to open with notepad.exe by default, and all images and web-documents to open in Wine's iexplore.exe

stonetoss is a fascist comic, gun violence 

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