It said it was gonna take about 1 and a half hours, that was a fucking lie

It's already been downloading for about three and a bit hours

Important news: is the cutest ott and really gay

That's all

Mixing bloc party and pepper coyote doesn't work at all

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Sometimes I contemplate what I've created, behold whatever the fuck this is

CW: Horse song

Me trying to find tutorials:
YouTube: I know you're looking for programming stuff but why not have some urbex content, a little bs ghosts and finally some furry music

It got weirder as well, just wanted to find descent videos on Ada

Anyone wanna overflow the government with me


It’s for self defense 🤡


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Being tired is not a badge of honor. It doesn't make you more worthy, it just means you're tired.

I slept like 18 hours yesterday and at least 9 hours today but I'm struggling to stay awake and have no idea why

I keep falling asleep and waking up when I get a notification

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New to this Mastodon instance

I'm a generic furry who's fed up of twitters bs and a massive commie, anarchist and IWW member

Very gay, gender-confused, foxxo into tech, programming, game dev, politics and a million other things

#intro #introduction

Steam: "Processing Vulkan Shaders"
I'm using a Ryzen 9 and it's maxed out

I keep trying to remove my /windata partition from Steam but it keeps adding it back in

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here's how to make your own abortion pills (misoprostol) thanks to four thieves vinegar collective

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Wonder how hard it is to be blocked by every MP on Twitter I dislike, which is a lot

Only one way to find out

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